Murphy’s birthday party

January 15, 2017 in Kids

Murphy’s birthday party. I had the “something not quite right” feeling the whole of yesterday.

Turns out I did forget to include beverage for the catering from Saybons. But after settling that, something STILL didn’t feel right. Kept getting the husb to ask me questions to check if I had missed out on anything but everything seemed in order. Or so, I thought.

This morning, balloons from KidzPartyStore were wrongly delivered to my place instead of party venue. Managed to get them to ask the driver to come back and pick up the balloons to drop off at the party venue.

Next, the venue – Splash @ KidzAmaze didn’t get their party facilitator to come over despite us confirming over email. I provided them with the age group so that they can plan the games and they even gave me a rundown of events in the email. The lack of responsibility was appalling.

The caterer and Chef were late! They were supposed to be there at 930 for setup since the party starts at 10, but was late cos they couldn’t find the way. For a caterer whose job is to cater food at different locations in Singapore, this is not an acceptable reason. It would have helped if their food was fantabulous, but the spread was imho, average. The coordinator did offer to ask the chef to stay behind another 10minutes or so if necessary, but I thought it was a feeble attempt at service recovery. Even if they want to stay behind, the venue provider wouldn’t agree!

ANYWAY! After settling the catering, I realised the cake was still not here! This was unusual because Celebrate-with-Cake ALWAYS sends their cake over on time or earlier. (Have been getting cakes from them for most of the kids’ parties since 2012!) Was overwhelmed by the something-not-right feeling at this point while calling to check on the cake. Turns out they didn’t prepare the cake!!!


No time to kick up a fuss or mope as we worked on solutions to salvage the situation. Got my brother to call Swensens to check if they have Jake & the Neverland Pirates cake at Waterway Point (nearest outlet) and their staff said yes. But when my brother went over to get the cake, they said they made a mistake and there was no cakes of this theme at their branch or branches in the vicinity! My baker managed to do some service recovery with cupcakes arriving in about an hour’s time so we survived the birthday song segment.

I know the cub doesn’t like cupcakes for his birthday, so I asked him how he felt about the cupcakes when we got home after the party. He had participated in the discussion of design for his cake and was somewhat sad that it didn’t materialise. But he bounced back quickly and told us, “it’s ok, Mommy! I’m still happy and the cupcakes are so yummy!” ❤️ my 6yo.

On a positive note, I’m glad my biggest nightmare of all did not happen – I was very worried that his classmates wouldn’t be able to come even though I have gotten their RSVP. Except for one who couldn’t change her class and another who fell sick, I was so relieved that all the others could come as the cub had been looking forward to this celebration with his friends and teachers for the longest time.

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