4 days into 2017

January 5, 2017 in Musings

Day 4 of 2017, and I’m all frazzled.

I had to give our schedules in 2017 a major overhaul as the cub and the lil’ dragonlady asked to go for more enrichment classes. (It really wasn’t me!) With the addition of classes, I had to request for transfer to other days for some of their existing classes, change my part-time arrangement at work, and ask for more help from home with the drop-off/pick-up for one of their classes. Took me about 2 months of coordinating with all parties and providers involved, so imagine how relieved I was when I finally got everything settled on a pretty sustainable schedule by the time December arrived.

Alas! Due to unforeseen circumstances arising during the last week of December, I had to do another round of class reshuffling. This time, I had to pull the cub out of one of his enrichment classes and change one of his existing class to another day. THEN! I realized there was some confusion over the change of the days for another of the kids’ enrichment class. The schools were all closed for the holidays so I could only email them and wait for them to get back to me when they open for the new school term. Thankfully, each school could get back to me in time before we went for our first lessons in 2017!

This month, our firstborn is turning 6! We decided to give our January baby a bigger party since he is celebrating with his pre-school friends and teachers for the last time this year. That translates to more party stuff to prepare for!

Doesn’t help that Chinese New Year is barely a month away from Christmas. Still have loads to clean up and clear out, despite our decluttering efforts since November 2016! Thankfully, the kids do help out in their little ways.

Besides the role of a PTWM, I try my best to play the role of a supportive partner to my husb well too. He takes care of the macro household issues while I do the micro ones. The administrative bit (read: nitty-gritty) usually falls under my care. 它们很繁琐,可又不得不整理!

While everyone was looking forward to 2017, I was dreading how stressful the new year is going to be for me because in the midst of all this madness, I need to make sure I can set aside some time to clock my hours for Parent-Volunteering and be more vigilant at work with my buddy/backup-at-work away for a few months.

Crossing my fingers, hoping we can settle nicely into our new schedules soon!

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