Hands-on Interactive Chemistry Education Program by BASF Kids’ Lab

October 19, 2016 in Good Things Must Share / Kids / Media

From “I don’t want to go out, Mommy!” to declaring “I like this class, Mommy!” after the first experiment was done, the cub definitely had a blast at the Hands-on Interactive Chemistry Education Program organized by BASF Kids’ Lab. Since it ended, the cub had asked a couple of times if he can go for another session.

What was it about the BASF Kids’ Lab – Interactive Chemistry Education Program that thoroughly engaged the cub?

Hands-on experimenting on how chemistry contributes to every day life

The facilitator would provide instructions for the kids to try experimenting with the different solutions or materials.

Taking down notes from the experiments they did

Patient and affable facilitators

The cub and his partner are similar in age and needed more guidance than the other older kids at the table.

The teachers patiently repeated themselves when the kids needed the instructions again.

Or if the boys needed help with spelling to take notes

Learning and working together as a team with peers.

I was beaming with pride as I watched and realised how much the cub has grown from the way he managed the whole new situation. Especially impressed with how the cub interacted with his partner throughout the entire session! The cub would let his partner know he wants to try next if his partner went first, and they would help each other out whenever needed. For people who didn’t know better, they might have thought these boys were friends judging from their 默契! And he wasn’t afraid to voice out questions he had to the facilitators, since this is pretty advanced for his level. #proudmama

So thankful I didn’t have to worry about the cub at a disadvantage since he was probably the youngest one there with lovely facilitators and peers!


Not a giveaway this time, since participation is free!

Just wanted to share more on the BASF Kids’ Lab’s upcoming Interactive Chemistry Program:

WHO: Kids 6-12 years old
WHEN: Tuesday 15 Nov 16 to Sunday 20 Nov 16
TIME: 10.15am, 11.45am, 2.15pm & 3.45pm
WHERE: Programme Zone, Ang Mo Kio Library
WHAT: Kids get to do two dynamic hands-on experiments

Where is Vitamin C: an experiment that children can do at home to investigate which food and drinks contain Vitamin C.

UV Investigation: children will create their own sun screen and observe how it can protect us from UV rays.

*Each session is limited to 40 participants and is 1 hour 15 minutes in length

To register, please go online to www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary.
*Search the event using the key words: BASF Kids Lab

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