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October 13, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle / Parenting

I did a snapshot of a week in my life sometime in April. Our schedules had shifted a little since then, so this time round, I am going to share a closer look at a day in my life. Since I’m a PTWM (part-time-working-mom), I thought it would be most apt to share about the day of the week where I work part-time hours.

The preparation for my Part-Time-Day (PTD) actually starts the day before at work. I would usually be able to tell if I have to stay a bit longer than my usual hours to clear work. This is important because it affects what I have to pack for my PTD!

If I leave on time from the office, I can go home, freshen up and change before fetching the cub. If I foresee I don’t have the spare time, I would bring along change of clothes because I have to sit in together with the cub during his music lesson and a work dress just isn’t comfortable.

7am: My alarm goes off. The Husb is usually out before 630am cos he has his personal training sessions at the gym on the mornings we don’t go to work together.

I hit the snooze button a couple more times before rolling out of bed at about 730am. After washing up, I turn on the radio to get the traffic news. That usually wakes the cub.

The lil’ dragonlady, on the other hand, needs wake-up calls like “Mommy is going to change and go out anytime! Can’t wait for you!”

The kids have been doing a bit better in listening recently, so we don’t have much of an issue trying to get them changed into their uniforms in the morning now. They are pretty much on auto-pilot mode now – wash up, change into uniform, put PJs into the laundry basket, carry their bags and water bottles, and head down for breakfast when I’m ready for work.

8am: I leave for work after giving the kids big hugs and kisses. The kids would have breakfast while waiting for my dad or brother to be ready to send them to school.

830am: I reach the office and check on the kids to see if they have reached the school. Then I start clearing my work to minimize the pile up from my extended absence after I get my teh-o fix!

12pm: If time allows, I would grab some lunch to munch through work.

1pm: My official knock off time on PTD. I had to stay back to get some work in order to prepare for an upcoming audit at my last PTD, and only left the office around 1.45pm.

Depending on his request and availability, I grab some SUBWAY cookies or some buns along the way before I pick up the cub. He doesn’t get his afternoon snack time with his classmates since I fetch him during their naptime, and would get hungry in between his classes if he doesn’t get anything to eat.

2pm: I wake the cub gently when I get to his classroom. One thing I really appreciate about the cub is his ability to wake up from a nap (no matter how short) without a grumpy face and whining.

2.15pm: We will leave the school for swim class. The cub gets to have his snack in the car.

On days when he’s more tired, I would convince him to get some shut-eye along the way.

2.50pm: The cub changes into his swim attire while I change into my comfy clothes.

3pm: He goes for his swimming lesson while I practise my calligraphy!

3.25pm: I pack up my calligraphy stuff and try to get a shower room while waiting for the cub to be done with his lesson. Sorry I can’t help but become a kiasu mom because music class is at 4pm!

Class ends around 3.30pm and the cub looks for me in the shower room when he doesn’t see me at the waiting area. Again, thankfully the cub is very cooperative and understands our need for speed and would change quickly once I’m done showering him.

Good thing is, the venue for music class is only about a 5-minutes’ drive away. The only thing we have to worry is getting a carpark space! The cub would finish up his other snack during this short drive before we get to music class.

4pm: We are punctual for class! Most of the time, the cub would be in a chirpy mood for piano lessons after his swim. At times, his tiredness takes over and he’d tear easily when he doesn’t play well.

5.30pm: By this time, my dad or brother would have brought the lil’ dragonlady home and we would be done with two classes!

Sometimes we (cub and I) run errands together before heading home. Last PTD,  I had to top up petrol for the car so we headed for home via an alternative route.

6.15pm: Along the way, I suddenly remembered I had to pick up a reserved book from the library and decided to collect it before we went home.

6.45pm: We get home in time for dinner with the lil’ dragonlady.

7.30pm: Since we had a good dose of piano practice at class before this, I usually skip the piano practice at home for this day. Instead, I would ask the kids to revise their Berries work because we have Berries class the next day!

The kids are progressing well in Berries and have little problems reading the new words and passages in their books for now. That means we don’t have to spend too much time on revision before we can go to bed. WOOHOO!

8pm: They pack their school bags for the next day, and put them together with their Berries bags.

8.30pm: Sometimes we read a book, sometimes they get a bit of TV time.

9pm: I put them to bed.

Because I have to report for Parent Volunteer duty at 6.45am the next day, I would usually snuggle in bed with them and doze off together if I don’t have urgent work to settle for that night.

That’s all for one day of my every week!

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  • Reply Debra October 13, 2016 at 1:11 PM

    Cub is really very well-behaved! Very nice of you to send the kids for classes and wait for them!

    • Reply Missus Tay October 14, 2016 at 3:21 PM

      Swim class is only 30minutes – can’t go anywhere else anyway. Haha! Gotta sit in for piano lessons – bo bian. :p

  • Reply Michelle October 13, 2016 at 8:26 PM

    Really helps that the cub wakes up happy from his naps! Most of my kids wake up grumpy if they did not have a proper nap, and Kate takes quite a while to get back to her normal self if her nap was interrupted. Nice to read about your day, Candice!

    • Reply Missus Tay October 14, 2016 at 3:23 PM

      Ya, me too. I feel very out of sorts when I wake up from naps, that’s why I don’t like to take naps if I can help it.

      Tea is similar – she gets angry when we wake her up from her nap. Then sits on the bed like Oscar the Grouch.

  • Reply ashlynthia October 13, 2016 at 9:30 PM

    You’re doing such a great job and balancing family work & me time!! Jia you!

    • Reply Missus Tay October 14, 2016 at 3:25 PM

      thanks for the positive encouragement, babe!!

  • Reply Janice October 13, 2016 at 11:39 PM

    Wow! So productive to be able to do two classes in a day!!! I long for that only problem our schedule doesnt permit. Great discipline on yr part too!

    • Reply Missus Tay October 14, 2016 at 3:30 PM

      Thank you, Janice! You’re right about the discipline that all of us need to make this schedule work.

      We are lucky that his swimming lessons and piano lessons are held in the same area, and have suitable timings for us to squeeze both back to back. I asked the cub if he preferred this or wanted his swim lessons on weekends again, and he said he preferred this. Good for us then! 🙂

  • Reply Jus October 14, 2016 at 9:15 PM

    It’s so nice that you have a part time arrangement and can spend time with the kids! Such a full and fruitful day, and wow 2 classes back to back! The cub is good! Thank you for hopping on the train!

    • Reply Missus Tay October 18, 2016 at 8:45 PM

      my aim is to have more family time on weekends so i love that we can clear as many classes as we can on my hours off work. 🙂

      thanks for having me!

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