Perth 2016 – “Crawley Edge” Boatshed

October 2, 2016 in Kids / Travel

Located on the Swan River, Crawley Edge Boatshed is undoubtedly one of Perth’s iconic landmarks. Based on pictures I’ve seen on social media, I’ve always imagined it to be at a lovely river bank where people can take strolls and take lots of pretty pictures.

Who would expect the landmark to be along this regular inconspicuous road?!

I was taken aback when we realized we drove past the Boatshed en route to Cottesloe Beach for our photoshoot and bombarded the Husb with questions in shock!

WHAT?! Did we just drive past the boatshed?

It’s by the roadside?! Did you see where to park? Can we come back later??

We vaguely recall a small carpark a short driving distance before the boatshed. Just remember to start looking out for the carpark after seeing The Old Swan Brewery. This is the direction coming from East Perth, by the way.

Because we were in the opposite direction returning from Fremantle to East Perth, we had to look for other alternative carpark space. Thanks to my navigator-cum-driver, we found space to park our car at Kings Park Avenue, a residential area opposite the Crawley Edge Boatshed. Downside was, we had to park on a steep slope and jaywalk across two rather busy roads to get to the Boatshed. It was stressful to do so with the kids!

Not only that, we had to queue for our turn to take pictures of the Boatshed. It was interesting though, to watch how other visitors pose to get the best ‘Crawley Edge Boatshed’ picture!

Pity the lil’ dragonlady was napping soundly at this time so no family pictures here.

Thankfully, the cub is a pretty well-trained blogger’s kid. So he bravely walked up to the door on his own and got me this picturesque photo of Perth’s landmark.

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