Perth 2016 – of Pancakes and Elizabeth Quay

September 25, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle / Travel

Pancakes at Carillion came highly recommended by my colleague. Their closing time at 3pm on all days except Friday proved to be quite a challenge for me to fit into our itinerary. Hence I was excited we just might have a chance to try it out when we were done with Whiteman Park early!

Don’t mind the kid’s face. She was woken up prematurely from her nap.

It’s located in the CBD area of Perth, so carpark was a tad harder to find. By the time we found a parking space and searched our way in between malls, it was 15 minutes to closing. Thankfully, they could still take our orders!

Teddy Bear @ $ 7.90
There was a little bear named Ted. He loved our pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Strawberry Volcano @ $ 6.90
Fluffy pancake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce and sprinkled with 100’s and 1000’s.

Banana-Rama @ $16.90
Two buttermilk pancakes served with grilled banana, ice cream, cream, caramel fudge sauce and dusted with icing sugar.

This was SO GOOD we had to get another one ‘cos the dragonlady didn’t have enough of it sharing with us. (Yes, after she was done with hers!)

We had to walk all that off with yet another visit to the supermarket in the neighbouring mall. I gotta say, luckily supermarket-shopping is awesome in Perth with all the excellent quality produce at reasonable prices, and we the Husb would whip out delicious comfort food for us every night with the ingredients bought! Otherwise, there were honestly nothing much else to shop for in Perth.

With some luck, we discovered where Elizabeth Quay is when we found a carpark space. So after dropping off our groceries in the car, we went to check out this new space that was officially opened early this year.

Similar to our Clark Quay, you can find bars serving food and drinks with a waterfront view here at Elizabeth Quay.

Besides the waterfront view, we can also get a splendid view of Perth CBD here.

Alright, the only reason why the kids didn’t mind walking from the Pancakes place to Woolworths, and to Elizabeth Quay was this:

We promised they would get to play at a playground!

Good thing for us, our kids weren’t adventurous enough to climb up that structure you see in the background of the picture. We didn’t have to keep too much of a watchful eye and got to chill by the side watching them play sand.

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