Dragonlady Turns 4: Twinkle Little Star Party

July 3, 2016 in Kids

Yikes, it’s July and I’m still not done with the lil’ dragonlady’s birthday posts!

Now that the kids have made friends with their classmates in school, they much prefer to celebrate their birthdays with their own friends and teachers in school. As compared to celebrating with Mommy’s friends and Mommy’s friends’ children, that is. Which is why I’ve been doing small-scale parties in their schools and the lil’ dragonlady’s 4th birthday celebration was no exception.

Small parties may be small in scale, but doesn’t mean it’s little fun! Having a theme is still a must – it makes everything look coordinated, and makes it easier for us to source for party stuff too. After shortlisting a few themes, I showed the lil’ dragonlady pictures from Google and Pinterest to let her have a rough idea on what to expect from the different themes so that she can decide what she wants for her party. Turns out pretty much anything goes for her for the birthday theme, which means 老妈子 get to decide on the theme!. I have been meaning to do a ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ theme party for the lil’ dragonlady because she LOVED the song when she was a wee bub and it almost always calms her down. Finally got the chance to do this before she gets too old for it!

Party Look:

Manicure + Pedicure + nail art (as a birthday treat)

‘4’ tee from lepetitsociety

Party Setup:

Balloons are a must-haves. They instantly makes a place look party-ish!

Party Cake:

To me, birthday cakes are one big highlight of birthday parties. Hence, I place much emphasis on the design of the cake to set the tone of the birthday celebration. Got my trusty baker, Celebrate with Cake, to come up with a design after sharing some of my ideas and requirements.

Once again, they have impressed me by coming up with a beautiful cake that perfectly matched the lil’ dragonlady’s party attire!

Party Game:

When the kids were done with the cake, it was time for the piñata to make its appearance! I couldn’t find a star-shaped pinata, nor someone who can customise it for me. In the end, I got the lil’ dragonlady to choose whatever that is available from the party supplies website. The perfectionist in me found this somewhat hard to accept when the lil’ dragonlady chose a heart-shaped Disney princesses piñata, but I kept reminding myself “as long as the birthday girl is happy!”.

True enough. It didn’t bother lil’ dragonlady and her friends one bit that the piñata didn’t fit into the theme and couldn’t wait to start pulling the piñata! (We usually get the string piñatas for school parties to minimize risk of the kids accidentally hitting each other with the stick.)

Besides snacks like kinderbueno and marshmallows, I threw in some stationery packs that I put together myself for the kids as well. Also told the kids that they are not to finish all the snacks on their own, and have to share them with their siblings (if any!) and their parents.

Party Favors:

That’s not all. Party favours for this Stars-themed party are star-themed books!

Personally, I LOVE the Daddy’s Little Star and My Little Star books! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside reading it.

Last little party favour – 合照 with the birthday girl! Got the birthday girl to take individual pictures with her classmates and teachers so that I can print them out on the Fuji Instax mini polaroid film. Stars-border ones, of course.

Specially bought the Instax mini printer for this because it’s so much more convenient to edit and send for print than using the camera. Especially with kids their age, I would probably have wasted many film before getting one good shot with the camera. Reprints are much easier with the printer too – one copy for her classmate and another for us to keep!

Everyone had heaps of fun and the lil’ dragonlady was absolutely delighted at how her party turned out. Grateful that the teachers helped to coordinate and manage the kids during the party and allowed our celebration to overrun!

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