Pot-a-Flower with Poppy Flora Studio & Super Farmers

June 3, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle

Now that the kids are older and better with understanding of instructions, I’ve been on the lookout for activities that we can do together. So when May shared that Poppy Flora Studio and Super Farmers are organizing a Pot-a-Flower workshop for mothers and children, I quickly made arrangements to attend with one of the kids!

Brought the daughter along as I wanted more one-on-one quality time with her. Besides, it’s never too young for a lady to start appreciating flowers right?

Super Farmers guided us along as we customize our flower pots for the first part of the workshop.

Sarah from Poppy Flora Studio  shared some tips on how to arrange the flowers and gave us free hand to try it out ourselves with the flowers provided.

The floral arrangement part is more for the moms, but all the kids wanted more say in which flowers to choose, where to put them, etc.

Thankfully, Sarah is around to help “tidy” up the arrangement at the end.

Such a lovely way to spend time with our kids and girlfriends!

Bonus when we get to bring pretty photos and arrangements home!

Thank you for having us and for the beautiful pictures, Poppy Flora Studio and Super Farmers!

Book a Pot-A-Flower Workshop session here.

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