Canvas Painting at HeART Studio for the Lil’ Dragonlady

March 25, 2016 in Kids

School holiday programmes are a great way to let kids try out new stuff without having to commit to an entire term of enrichment programmes. This March school holidays, I sent the lil’ dragonlady for a session of canvas painting at HeART Studio.

It was going to be the lil’ dragonlady’s first drop-off class without her big brother’s company, so I started prepping her ever since I submitted the registration about two weeks before – explained to her I won’t be able to go inside the class and reminded her her gorgor will not be joining for this but reassured her that I could wait for her outside if she preferred me to be around. She appeared to take that well and assured us she can manage.

On the day itself, I made the lil’ dragonlady take an early nap so that she can clock in some time for rest before the art session and her Chinese enrichment class right after. Knowing my littlest one will take AGES to warm up to new places and new people, I prepped myself with a book just in case I had to be there for the entire 3-hours session. And I did. She nearly chickened out of the session! I had to settle her in and show her where I would be waiting before she was okay with me waiting outside the classroom. Her teacher was very thoughtful too – he left the room briefly while we settled in so that she won’t feel overwhelmed with too many unfamiliar faces.

I thought the waiting area for the studio was real decent. Spacious with chairs for parents or guardians to sit while waiting for the kids to be done with their session. I could get some peeks at how the lil’ dragonlady was doing too. It was comforting for her  to see me whenever she tries to peep.

To warm up, the kids painted the entire canvas in the color of their choice for the background.

While waiting for the paint of the background to dry, the teacher discussed with the lil’ dragonlady about the character she wanted to paint.

The teacher then helped to draw the outline of the character.

So that the lil’ dragonlady can paint the insides on her own.

The teacher also had to step in to help with the little details such as eyes and eyelashes.

After washing her brush clean, the lil’ dragonlady was treated to snacks while waiting for the teacher’s assistant to help dry the painting on her canvas.

And here’s her finished work!

She wasn’t entirely warmed up even after the 3-hours session, hence was not too willing to take a picture at the teacher’s request.

Oh wells, at least my 3-hour wait was fruitful. I’ve always wondered how did 3-4yo managed to come up with such incredible paintings at HeART Studio, and now I know! 😉 That said, this age group does need more help or else, 3 hours not enough!

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