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March 6, 2016 in Home / Lifestyle / Media

The third IKEA project is on storage, something closely associated with IKEA. It was challenging to get started on this because almost every corner of our living space (at my folks’ place) is in dire need of storage solutions. I had no idea where to begin! In the end, this project got me started on a more extensive mode of decluttering and reorganizing than my CNY spring-cleaning.

*Warning: no Instagram-ish pics for this post, plenty of #keepingitreal pics

Here is one area that is severely cluttered. So much so that we haven’t been able to open the door to our room properly. Especially with the boxes of toys and random stuff sitting on the floor behind the door.

The Husb’s clothes that were placed in this wardrobe are barely touched most of the time because it was not easy to look through them.

Many of my favourite storage and organization boxes for clothes come from the SKUBB series.

The cold gear that are less frequently used are placed inside a SKUBB storage case.

With some reshuffling, two SKUBB storage with 6 compartments and one SKUBB storage case, we had the clothes organised and made it easier for the Husb to look for his clothes! Got one of those  SKUBB box with compartment for the smaller items as well. So chuffed that everything fits nicely into the wardrobe space!

Next, the kids’ toys. With a growing collection, the kids definitely needed more storage for their toys. To accommodate the different types, shapes and sizes of their toys, I got us TROFAST storage boxes of different sizes and some VESSLA storage crates with castors.

Got the kids to help sort out the toys into the different boxes and labeled them accordingly.
No more “Mommy, where’s my toy?!”, I hope!

Our mobile library, the RÅSKOG trolley, can no longer hold our growing number of books as well. Discovered the VALJE wall cabinet that matches well with our fixed headboard.

Was pleased that the two-unit model can fit quite nicely next to the kids’ beds, and got them as book shelves for the kids!

Since we are on the topic of storage and organization, thought I’d share this little find from IKEA I bought for my home ware.

  The VARIERA shelf insert!

TA-DAH, more space (for more pretty ware!)

There’s always something new to discover at IKEA. Happy shopping!

Note: This post is part of a collaboration project with IKEA Singapore. We were sponsored with a gift card for items we will require for our tasks. Ideas and opinions are our own!

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