CNY 2016: The Long Weekend

February 14, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle

新年快乐, everyone!

We have been busy making the best out of our Chinese New Year long weekend before the Husb went traveling for work again on 初四.

Our first round of reunion dinner was on 立春 since it was my mum’s birthday as well. Steamboat and all the works. I won some nice dishes from Red House Seafood which timely 加菜 to our dinner.

Round two of reunion dinner with my in-laws was at our own place. My folks helped to prepare the 盆菜 while my MIL prepared prawns. The Husb prepared his now-signature fried rice which has become quite sought after in our household. 🙂

Learning from the previous year’s experience, we decided to bring the kids’ mattresses over to our room so that they can bunk in with us. That would give me better peace of mind since I don’t have to worry about them coming over and having to put them back into their beds in the middle of the night.

It was actually quite fun, I must say. I remember doing the same – sleeping in my parents’ room until I was in primary school! I know one day, we will look back and miss having the kids right next to us when we sleep.

This year’s 年除夕was so much less stressful than last year’s. We could even enjoy some CNY goodies over tea, watch some TV while we prepare the ang pows.

Day 1, we visited my maternal grandma before heading over to my in-laws’.

The most enjoyable bit of CNY for me has gotta be dressing up the kids. Months before CNY, I had begun buying clothes in bigger sizes for the kids so that they can keep and wear them during CNY. 不知不觉, the lil’ dragonlady ended up with 9  (yes, NINE!!) new dresses for CNY. The cub has just 4 (in comparison) shirts, of which two were bought to match his lil’sis.

I usually get my most ching-chong-but-stylish set of CNY clothes from Elly and put the kids in them on 初一 but this year’s dress was a little too uncomfortable for the lil’ dragonlady. We had to change both out of them since it’s a matching set. Fortunately, the lil’ dragonlady has plenty of alternatives and we went for matching patterns instead for the kids.

On her: Dress from M&S, shoes from The Saga Seed.
(I love this checkered dress on her and would definitely get for myself if I can find one that fits!)
On him: Shirt from H&M Kids, jeans from GAP Kids, shoes from Lacoste

初二’s morning, we put the kids in missymessy and returned to my folks’ place to 拜年.

Sorry I couldn’t get a clearer picture of her in the blue cheongsam because she was in a needy-mood that morning.

Took the opportunity to change them into another set of missymessy before we head to a friend’s place for visiting.

Love that I have a daughter to pass some bags to. The mini bag from LV looks perfect on her!

Shall share more of the kids’ new clothes / OOTDs on my Instagram!

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  • Reply Cayce February 14, 2016 at 10:47 AM

    They look so cute matchy matchy! Next year, I’m gonna check out missymessy too.

    And I love your dress (again!)!

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