From toddler to preschooler

September 28, 2015 in Kids

It’s official. My littlest one is no more a baby!

23rd September 2015 marks the first day my littlest one goes to school without her milk powder and bottle packed in her bag. The teachers have started to wean them off their habit of a feed before nap in preparation for their promotion to Nursery 2 next year.

I don’t foresee much issue with her weaning since she has more or less cut the milk feed for her afternoon naps on weekends with us when her brother weaned his afternoon-nap-feed last year. I’m going to miss watching them drink with their bottles like a baby, but so glad I no longer have to wash any milk bottles!

With my toddler’s upgrade, mommy here will be promoted to a full-fledged MOPS (Mom of Pre-schoolers)!

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