DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

September 13, 2015 in Kids

It’s no secret that I enjoy animation films as much, or maybe even more than my kids. Have been meaning to check out the DreamWorks Animation exhibition at the Art Science Museum and finally found an opportunity when we were going to catch a performance at Marina Bay Sands with the kids this weekend. Gotta make our car park redemption worthwhile, you see. 😉

The kids were excited to see the familiar faces of the characters they have seen on the animation films greeting them at the entrance area.

Recognising the different characters from the films he watched

The kids might not have fully understood some of the sharing of the behind-the-scenes work, but they had fun trying out the different interactive stations – one where we can learn how animators create expressions on the different characters and another where we draw pictures for the different frames and play them so that it appears as a (really) short animation clip.

Not that I don’t already know, but animation films are such awful lot of work from getting the concept onto paper, developing a good storyline, building models and whole ton of whatnots, getting suitable voices, etc! Do spend some time watching the interviews on the sharing from the people behind the screens. And what we get to see and read about are just a fraction of the work that goes into an animation film. Big kudos to the people behind the animation films! I promise to always watch 你们的正版!

At the DIY-a-Flip-Book station, the kids had much fun (and frustration) trying to tear the drawings along the perforated lines and putting together their flip book.

We took a ride on Toothless and watched never-seen-before footage from How to Train Your Dragon on a really wide screen.

Since it was during the school holidays when we were there, there were some themed games for the kids to try their hands on – feeding Toothless at How-to-Train-Your-Dragon station, speed-grab dim sum with the chopstick like Po in Kungfu Panda, test of strength at Shrek’s station, and free Kowalski at Madagascar’s station.

The kids got to do some coloring as well..

..before leaving with a little Gingy, that was given to them for completing all four game stations!

Just to share:

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition runs from now till 27 Sep at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands.

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