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June 11, 2015 in Home / Lifestyle

We are very fortunate to have two places to call home – my parents’ house and our apartment. It is my parents’ intention that the whole family stays together so they made sure to maximize the floor area inside the house when they built it. Each of us is given a spacious room with an attached bathroom (a must-have to minimize conflicts at home!) so that we can continue staying here with our spouses after we got married. It was roomy enough for the husb and I then, but our family unit has expanded. At 2+2 now, this room where our little family spends the most time in is getting pretty tight-spaced as the little ones become not-so-little!

We are here most of the time because of the close proximity to the kids’ school and my parents help with school runs on days that I have to work. I will usually stay here as well if the husband travels over the weekend, just in case I need an extra pair of hands! Hence most of our barang barang are still here.

Small Space #1: How we share with our +2.



About 6 months ago, we upgraded both kids to toddler beds so that we can get rid of the cots in the room. It was bittersweet but I love how the room instantly looked more spacious. The cub got to choose where he preferred to sleep, while the lil’ dragonlady was cool with whatever.

This white chest of drawers is the second one from IKEA we’ve got for the kids. We use it as a milk station-cum-storage when the cub arrived but it was a tad too dirty by the time the lil’ dragonlady joined us, so I got us a new one. The drawers keep their diapers, toiletries, medication, and spare water bottles.

Between us four, we have too many clothes. It was impossible to share existing wardrobe space so we got a tall chest of drawers and an open wardrobe in order to accommodate the kids’ clothes.

I like that we can put the TV high up there and the kids have no choice but to stand further away from the TV when they are watching.

We don’t have space for a board to do learning so the flashcards from Berries go onto this chest of drawers. The kids get to revise as they see the words every day (or so I hope!).

One of my favourite IKEA items – the RÅSKOG trolley! Because we don’t have space for a bookshelf, I use it as the kids’ mobile library.

I managed to squeeze in a little table (from where else but IKEA!) for the kids to do their writing or drawing.

Love it ‘cos it’s light enough to be moved in and out of the room whenever required.

Emptied two drawers for the kids to put their writing/drawing materials and whatnots as well. In reality, I just need space for them to hide away all the random scribbles and drawings. 😉

As you can tell, it’s all about the storage for us to keep whatever floor space we have left free. Otherwise, no space for the kids to play!

Small Space #2: How we share with our +2.

Our apartment is a lot less cluttered because we are not there as often. But judging by how much stuff we have over at my parents’, I’m pretty sure our tiny place is going to get tinier when we move in properly. Until today, I cannot get over how ridiculously small a space the developer allocated to the bedrooms.

mini bedroom

Both the cub and dragonlady are used to co-sleeping with us since birth, hence they are only willing to sleep in their room if they at least have each other for company. In order to squeeze two beds in the room, our only option is to get the toddler beds from IKEA. And along with it, their beddings! The kids got to choose which toys get to stay here and which toys get to stay at my parents’. Some of the toys do get rotated every now and then.

mini playroom

There are not that many toys over there YET, so we allow them to leave the toys nicely displayed on the floor or table.

It was my intention to keep the chaos in one room during playtime, but spillovers happen all the time. Though I must add that the kids are doing a pretty neat job of putting the toys back to where they belong after they are done playing, so our apartment still looks quite showroom-ish now. 😉


Next up on the Small Spaces blog train is Debs G. She blogs at Owls Well and is a Sunda Scops Owl who married a nice British Barn Owl and is raising a trio of hungry young owlets in a highrise tree in Singapore. Debs is a trained medical professional who is currently training to be A Parent. Debs also blogs about her adventures abroad at Owl Fly Away.

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  • Ai Sakura June 11, 2015 at 2:16 PM

    I love the play area in your new home with the floor-to-ceiling windows.. keeps the area bright and cheerful! Lil Pumpkin’s clothes space in her room is getting too cluttered. She needs a walk-in wardrobe all for herself haha. By the looks of it your kids too 😛

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  • Karen June 12, 2015 at 10:48 AM

    Your apartment looks roomy and really conducive for play. I will just have to say, Ikea rocks!

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