lil’ dragonlady turns 2: Getting to HK Disneyland

May 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

For our lil’ dragonlady’s birthday, the husband felt that a birthday trip would be better than a party given how little quality time he has with them recently. So off we went to the nearest Disneyland for a little celebration!

on our second family trip!

all set for the flight!

I was pleasantly surprised at how the cub knew how to make himself comfortable for the flight. He was excited to get a window seat and knew he had to buckle up. He enjoyed his OJ and asked for the TV. Perhaps it’s true that it can only get better with more practice (from the last Switz+UK trip). Only gripe was he kept asking to change movies after watching just minutes of each!

The dragonlady, on the other hand, was quite a nightmare to travel with! With an extremely stubborn streak in her, she rejected all treats to stop her from wailing, refused to wear the safety belt and refused to be carried at times. The crew took turns to come chat with her but she didn’t reciprocate and was telling everyone “no! no! NO!” 真是个不可爱的小孩!

I have been encouraging the husb to bring her along should we do a Europe trip later this year but I have second thoughts now cos her tantrums are extremely distressing!

I was exhausted from all the wrestling with her and was so relieved when she eventually fell asleep in the last hour of the flight.


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