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HFMD caught us (well, the cub to be exact) totally off guard. We have absolutely no clue how and where he caught it from. No other kid was reported to have HFMD at his childcare centre, music school and Chinese language centre when I called them up to inform about the cub’s condition.

Sunday (day one)

The cub was fine in the morning when he had his usual Toastbox breakfast and went for his Chinese class. He was in a pretty mood when class ended and asked to go shopping. But when we got to the mall, he looked lethargic and was running a fever. We tried to cheer him up with his favourite OJ but he wanted to throw up after a few sips. We knew he was unwell when he told us he didn’t want his OJ!

I had a bad feeling when he didn’t want to eat/drink anything because of the pain in his mouth. Didn’t help that the husb had to leave on (yet another) 2-weeks work trip.

Poor cub didn’t eat anything and only drank a bit of milk for the rest of the day and night.

Monday (day two)

We brought the cub to the paed’s for a check in the morning and got my suspicion confirmed. Sigh! The good news is it looks like a mild strain. She could only find one ulcer at the throat area but because of the location, it was causing him lots of pain and discomfort whenever he swallows food/drink. Hence, doctor gave orders for cold drinks and ice-cream. Possibly the best prescription ever!

I was taken aback when she gave him 10 days MC (!!!) but was relieved to learn that it usually does not take that long to recover from HFMD.

You know your kid is really not feeling well when he rejects cold yoghurt and cold water. He ended up not eating anythingthe whole day and only drank a bit of milk before bed.

The painful bit for the cub as well as for me, came at night. He wasn’t able to sleep well and kept waking up cos of the pain. I was pretty exhausted by then and told him off for not wanting to go back to sleep and asking to watch TV. He gave me a very sad face with big fat tears rolling onto his cheeks, came over to hug me , and said “mommy, very pain…” My heart broke and I truly wished I was the one with HFMD instead. I cuddled the cub and told him to go back to sleep so that he won’t feel as much pain. I broke down when I told the husb about this and I could sense his heartache as well.

Tuesday (day three)

The paed had given us paracetamol and some oral drops for the fever and pain. However, the cub was not keen to take them cos that meant more swallowing.

One of the worst feelings as a parent is not being able to do anything for your child to make him/her feel better. I’m so glad I got to know about the oils months ago. I checked out the OneDrop group and found some advice from fellow moms on how they managed HFMD for their kids.

Fortunately, I have the recommended oils on hand – purification and thieves, and started oiling the cub intensively at 15-20 minutes interval and diffusing the room throughout the day. I’m not entirely sure if it’s really the results of the oils, but the cub only woke once and returned to sleep pretty quickly.

Wednesday (day four)

I was running out of my oils after the intensive oiling and diffusing. Thankfully, Young Living arranged to expedite my order after I emailed them about my situation. And it was back to more oiling and diffusing.

By day four, the cub has successfully shed his tummy. He obviously lost quite a bit of weight without much food intake, but at least he was not as lethargic and was his usual crazy self when playing.

The husb sent us some good news that he was trying figure out a way to come back from his work trip on his own. Think he couldn’t take being away from his cub any longer after I told him about the “mommy, very pain…” scene.

That very night, the husb came back to give his darling a dose of happy surprise in the morning.

The intermittent fever was gone by this day and it was just the occasional pain in his mouth that stopped him from taking much of his food.

Thursday (day five)

The cub was excited to see his dear Daddy sleeping in the bed when he woke up and went to tell him, “I no go school because I’m sick.” So Daddy brought us all out for breakfast to get rid of the cabin fever! Knowing how enthusiastic the cub is about our new place, we went to check on the renovation progress too.

By day five, the cub was taking more solids albeit smaller portions, which is fine with me as long as he’s eating!

I continued the oiling and diffusing for both kids (more a prevention method for the dragonlady) and was using my new Thieves spray every now and then on the bedding, toys, etc.

Friday (day six)

The cub’s appetite was a whole lot better and he started to enjoy his cold treats – Ribena and ice cream. In fact, I don’t recall him complaining about the pain in his mouth at all.

Saturday (day seven)

It seems like the cub’s almost all well now. I say almost cos we still need the doctor to give him the all clear before he can go back to school.

In the meantime, we got more stuff for the new place with these two in tow before the husb returned to the work trip on Sunday morning.

Sunday (day eight)

The cub declared that he doesn’t feel any pain in his mouth this morning! And his appetite is back – usual portions at dinner. Yay!

Now we wait for tomorrow’s follow-up to see what the paediatrician says. Praying for a full recovery so that he can enjoy his upcoming celebrations.

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  • Reply ahappymum January 20, 2014 at 1:57 AM

    Glad to see his appetite is back! Must have been tough on you to handle before the hubby came back, but he was so sweet to do it! =) Agree how it always breaks a mum’s heart and how we wish we can be the ones with the illnesses instead. =) Hope he can go to back to school soon, make a full recovery and enjoy the CNY period to the max!

    • Reply Missus Tay January 27, 2014 at 1:32 AM

      thanks for your well wishes! i’m so relieved he could recover in time for his birthday celebrations. 🙂

  • Reply Susan January 20, 2014 at 8:51 AM

    Glad to hear that T is feeling much better. Sophie also had a slight case of HFMD two weeks ago. Thankfully for her, she only had an ulcer that went away quickly as she has built up her immunity after one experience. Good that your hubby was able to come back for a while. Solo parenting must have been no fun at all.

    • Reply Missus Tay January 27, 2014 at 1:34 AM

      you must have been worried nonetheless!

      i was glad to have the extra pair of hands especially when the kid(s) is whiny. what a test of my tolerance too!

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