The simplest way to show you care

December 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Being a parent really makes one think about the choices we make for our kids. Like how we are trying out natural remedies instead of medication, and using more natural kids-friendly option to get rid of pests. Even little things like choice of tissue paper!

I can never do without a few packets stashed away in my bag when I am out and even at home, my toilet never goes without it. Hey, ask any parent and you will know tissue is definitely on the top of our list of essentials!

The cub has history of very bad diaper rash. The skin at his bum area became raw and so painful we could only use saline water to rinse then. Until today, I still keep a stash of saline water at home just in case. This is also why I get very uptight whenever he complains of pain down under.

Now that we are on a rather arduous journey of potty-training, every bit counts to making the experience better for the cub so that he can finally ditch the diapers. Besides, if I’m already making sure that his face and hands are properly taken care with good quality tissue and wet wipes, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be taking care of his little bum with good quality bath tissue (aka toilet paper!).

After seeing Kleenex’s new Aloe Vera Toilet Tissue around in the supermarkets, I was keen to try them out. They are selling at $7.95 for 10 rolls and $14.95 for 20 rolls. Pretty reasonable for the quality Kleenex is known for, if you ask me!

Other than being 3-ply, it stands out from other toilet tissues as it is enriched with natural aloe vera extract. This promises to be extra soft and gentle to the skin at every cleaning. That should make the cub’s process of potty-training more comfortable and less stress on the skin around the poo-poo area too!

Besides Aloe Vera Toilet Tissue, Kleenex has Wet Wipes and tissues in Soft Packs. The Soft Packs come in cute cartoon prints which the kids like!

I like that the Kleenex tissue is strong enough to hold it together while removing stubborn food remnants on faces and doesn’t “disintegrate” easily when in contact with water.

You know you are a parent when even getting the right wipes is on your mental list of to-do. Face dirty? Wipe. Hands dirty? Kleenex’s Hand and Face wipes not only feels gentle on the skin, it cleans gently and effectively as well.

As a mom, I want the best for my children and family whenever possible. And the simplest way to show care is in the choices that we make for our family.

Note: This is a sponsored advertorial for Kleenex.

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