Cub goes Switzerland – Winterthur

August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Day two of our vacation and we head to Winterthur, a city about 20minutes of train ride away from Zurich.

The little hotel we stayed at had breakfast provided, which to my great relief, had plenty that the cub likes to eat – banana, bread, ham, and eggs. He is at a really-picky-eater stage and it drives us mad trying to get some food inside him. (Cub lost weight during this trip because he didn’t want to eat much and when he did want food, we may not be near to any place that sells food that he wants.)

Settling into the train ride after getting over the initial excitement.

Our plan was to do some exploration and visit a museum of private collections that my cousin-in-law was interested to check out. Along the way, we were hoping to find a park somewhere we could do our picnic lunch.

No luck with the park but we discovered a gorgeous-looking woods right next to the museum which works just as well.

Armed with food that the husb’s uncle had prepared earlier in the morning and beer we bought from a brewery along the way, we had our cha-peng (fried rice), sausages and pork knuckles they had brought from their previous stop at Europe, Germany.


It was indeed a very private museum. No cameras nor strollers can be brought inside the museum. The place wasn’t huge so it was easy doing a quick tour.


Furthermore, the husb and I are not quite into these art collections and promptly came out to take over from my brother who helped to babysit the sleeping cub.


The cub woke up after our museum tour and asked for food. Always glad to see a familiar brand. Bonus? We didn’t have to queue for hours to get a minion! McDonald’s burgers turned out to be the only food that the cub would finish without any persuasion on this trip. Sigh, I have a junk food kid.


I blame the hot weather for the constant need for chilled drinks and ice-cream.

There are some streets of shopping around the train station. We did some window shopping and hung around at a small departmental store looking at household stuff for the new place. Didn’t get anything ‘cos they seemed pricey!



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