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July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

The lil’ dragonlady has been achieving some big milestones in her mobility at her 11-12mo stage. Her petite size makes her move all the more quicker than her then-very-chubby-at-this-stage brother.

She fared quite well in assisted walking around 11 months, which got my hopes high that she would be able to walk before her birthday. But nope, Her Royal Highness preferred to be carried around at her party.

I thought she would be a slow-poke cos she was such a reluctant crawler at 7mo but look at her now! At 12-13mo, she goes up the stairs with ease by crawling or walking (by holding onto railings).

I couldn’t help but compare again – the cub only started walking around 16mo and now my dragonlady is walking unassisted at 13mo! Girlpower!


Admittedly, I am a whole lot less uptight with the milestones for my littlest one. But that does not mean I’m any less proud of all her little achievements!

Yay to moving onto solids like bread – lightens the baby bag knowing we don’t always have to shove a milk bottle to her when she yells for food!

Yay to drinking from straw! (Cos Mommy here doesn’t get sippy cups!)

The husb and I always give each other this face-light-up look when we discovered that any of our kids learned something new. It’s amazing how often we do these nowadays with both kids! Gotta love parenthood. 🙂


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