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March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Since my prior appointment ended earlier on Friday afternoon, we decided to head to Beanstro Takashimaya to check if we could have the food tasting earlier by about 1.5 hours. The team very quickly put together a table for us, ushered us in, and furnished us with information about the Beanstro, menu and recommended items, etc. Awesome service!

I had no idea this is already the second Beanstro casual dining restaurant opened in Singapore. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has their first Beanstro outlet over at Marina Bay Sands. Beanstro is halal-certified and serves mid-price American cuisine and hand-crafted beverages. Their casual dining concept means you don’t have to worry about bringing kids here!

We had a 2yo and a 10mo with us, so it was of utmost importance that the places we choose to eat at had food that not only taste good but came quickly as well since young kids like mine have not much patience to speak of. I’m glad to report that food was served rather promptly and the service staff remained unfazed by my rowdy toddler and baby by the time we left!

Our order included:

Caesar Salad

The husb and I enjoyed this lots! A well mix of fresh and juicy baby romaine, crispy croutons, hard-boiled eggs and not-very-salty turkey bacon. Definitely our top dish of the food tasting.

Beanstro Breakfast Platter

I was glad to know that they have Breakfast-All-Day from 8am – 11am every day! Means we don’t have to stick around for hours being hungry while waiting for most other restaurants to be opened around 11am in future.

We tried the Breakfast Platter which has most of what Thaddeus would take – sausage, eggs and bread. I could take the mushrooms! I probably give it a 3/5.

Salmon Skewer

The menu mentioned that the salmon was marinated with touch of ginger and soya, but I found it rather bland and couldn’t really taste any ginger or soya.

Guess who benefited from that?

Beanstro Steak Sandwich

The portion was good but we didn’t quite take to it cos of the peppers. We were also pretty stuffed by this time.

Warm Apple Crumble

But there’s always space for dessert. The husb and I tried the warm apple crumble which was fantastic! The crust was perfect and the apples weren’t sourish. The dessert itself was not overly sweet too. We were most pleased with the finishing touch.

Overall, the food at Beanstro is not bad and the service is excellent and prompt. Beanstro at such a convenient location makes a great pit stop to refuel before continuing on shopping expeditions too.

Note: We were invited to try out Beanstro for review purposes. All opinions expressed are based on our experience at the Beanstro Takashimaya.

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