Good times: 4-10 March ’13

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With my brother and sis-in-law away on a holiday, the husb and I each took a day off to look after our kids so that it’s not so tiring for my folks. As it turns out, it wasn’t too bad for them cos my aunt came to babysit! Nonetheless, it was a good excuse for us to shower some undivided attention on our dragonlady.


The husb took Teanne out for a little window shopping. Teanne must know only her dad can handle serious poop jobs even when he’s alone cos she pulled this stunt on him again! I’d probably have cabbed home with a smelly bub to ask for help!

No crazy tantrums and she napped easily. The husb was pleasantly surprised with how different his daughter is from his son at this age. I was glad that Teanne seemed to enjoy her date with Daddy cos she’s always sticking to me between the two of us.


Teanne took her first cab ride as we made our way to Great World City to do some girlie shopping and meet Daddy for lunch at Poulet. 

I gotta admit I’m way less strict with food my #2 tries. At 9 months old, she was sharing some of our food. I ordered a mashed potato for her but she liked the Poulet chicken even more.


Then it was time to fetch my darling firstborn. It was such a mommy-moment when I saw him smiling upon seeing me. He kept going “Mommy? Mommy?” Guess he couldn’t believe what he saw since it’s the first time I’m fetching him myself alone. He was so pleased he was bouncing in his steps as he led me to Matt’s classroom.  I should probably do this every quarter to surprise him!


Weekend arrived and the husb took the boys out for some bubble fun while I was at Gymnademics with Teanne. So glad that my cub loves the outdoors. Can’t say the same for my dear aircon-loving nephew!


The cub can be such a pain and joy to be with. He can be annoyingly painful to hang out with when he’s whining and saying ‘no’ all the time. Yet, he can be such joy and fun when he is being his cheeky self.

A good long weekend we had with the kids. We should do it once in a while. Makes such family bonding time even more precious!

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