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February 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Okay, I need to wait for my official photographer to send me photos of Thaddeus’ party at Amazonia because I was so chuffed at having to do nothing much, I didn’t take much photos either! So here’s a break from the birthday posts and a post about the missus.

I’ve said it 81823102 times and I will say it again – teeth extractions are way scarier than cesarean procedures! I told my dentist that I could go through epidural cesarean and GA cesarean but needed to muster every ounce of courage in me to go see him and do the teeth extractions. It’s THAT scary to me.

I was given three options:

  1. local anesthesia (LA)
    Family and friends who had done the deed under LA strongly advised me against this. If most of them can still remember vivid details of the process and how awful they felt after more than a decade, I trust that it must have been a very scary ordeal.
  2. sedation
    No one around me tried this option. The dentist told me this could be done at his clinic and the anesthesia effect is somewhat similar to general anesthesia’s. Apparently I would be able to answer them if they ask me questions during the procedure. Otherwise, it’s as if I’m sound asleep.
  3. general anesthesia (GA)
    I was quite keen on this option initially as I had a pretty good experience with GA for my second cesarean with Teanne. I didn’t feel much side effects then, and extractions under GA came highly recommended by many who did theirs under LA. However I will need to do this procedure at a hospital, which will incur additional costs.

I was worried I won’t have the courage to go through the procedure again should I just remove one side of wisdom teeth and decided to go ahead with sedation to extract all FOUR wisdom teeth at one go.

At the clinic, I made no effort to conceal the fact that I’m very nervous about the procedure to the anesthetist, dental surgeon and nurses. Thankfully, they were all very comforting and the effects of sedation took over soon enough. Next thing I knew, I seemed to have woken up from a deep sleep. A rather well-rested one, I must say!

The pain was manageable as I took painkillers before the anesthesia wore off. It was mostly discomfort due to the bleeding post-op. But I threw up blood and milo (given to me after the procedure cos I was VERY HUNGRY after >12 hours of no food and water) when I got home. It was gross. The insides of my mouth look like a bloody crime scene and I couldn’t resist sending a photo of me with all that blood to the husb who was out of town for work. Hurhurhur. I threw up again later in the night. My guess is this was a side effect of sedation.

The bleeding continued into second day but was much lesser. I thought the swelling looked more obvious but my mum said it was worse on the first day. There was not much motivation to eat as the area felt pretty sore. To make matters worse, my daughter tends to whack my face when I carry her as she turns around enthusiastically. -_-”

Fourth day today. The area still feels sore. I’m glad I decided to remove all four cos it will be a drag having to go through this again!

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