[weekends:] the staycation of many firsts

October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
The husb and I decided to bring the kids for an impromptu staycation at the Sentosa this weekend. It was our first staycation since we got married 6 years ago!
After some quick research, we settled for Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort because of its amenities and close proximity to the beach.
the not-so-willing participant’s first hotel stay

I was very excited to bring Teanne along because she didn’t get to go Bangkok with us and won’t be traveling with us any time soon as her grandma (i.e. my mum) thinks she’s too young. Her expressions on her photos may seem like she’s been forced on this trip but she did truly have fun!

Teanne in her first swimsuit

And I really wanted to bring Teanne for a dip somewhere because I bought her this cute swimsuit and was worried she’s going to outgrow it soon. In fact, I like this design so much, I bought her the dress version of this too! Hurhurhur.

Teanne’s first dip

I was very impressed with Teanne who didn’t even flinch when I put her into the water. Granted the water wasn’t too cold that afternoon, but she was very cool about the whole experience! She didn’t freak out and grab me for her dear life, so I figured she quite likes the water?

Teanne’s first dip with us!
first up close encounter with monkey

There was a notice on the balcony that said not to feed the monkeys. There I was thinking it was quite impossible for that to happen cos we were on the highest floor and a monkey appeared!

Thaddeus and us were pretty freaked out as the monkey was staring at us and we didn’t know if it was going to turn aggressive! Thankgod it went away on its own soon!

Teanne’s first bus ride
Thaddeus’ first bus ride

We brought the kids out to Resorts World Sentosa for dinner via the island’s bus service. It was my suaku kids’ first bus ride!

It was Teanne’s first night away from home and I’m glad she coped well. Thaddeus did an excellent job as a big brother – holding his babysis’ hand when we announced time for bed, and telling her to “orh-orh” (babytalk for sleep).

Watching the two of them enjoying each other’s company is so heartwarming. I LOVE MY BABIES!!

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