The Tays’ Christmas 2011

December 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
Having your own kid does make a difference when it comes to celebrating festivities. It’s been donkey years since we last had a Christmas tree in our home, but I thought we should get one for the sake of creating some Christmas-y atmosphere for our baby boy. I told the husb that we could start our little family tradition and he’s sold! Hee.

It’s really quite fun to put up Christmas decorations and arrange presents under the Christmas tree. Totally gets one into the right mood for Christmas! Maybe my tiger cub can help put up the Christmas decorations next year. Okay, I should probably be glad if he doesn’t destroy the tree or decorations. Heh!

We had some friends and kiddos over for a gathering on Christmas eve to catch up. I was glad that my baby didn’t feel overwhelmed because we are doing a much bigger party for his birthday next month!

Then came the day which Matthias had been waiting for ever since the presents were placed under the tree – BOXING DAY aka Open-Presents-Day! My son, on the other hand, wasn’t too keen. Ha!

But he’s always up for ripping of papers!
Here he is, having some fun with his first Christmas present from Daddy and Mommy.
We brought him out to check out some of the Christmas lightings.
When we ask Thaddeus, “where are the lights?”, he will point upward towards the lightings. I wonder if he really understands us.
This Christmas is extra special, because we have our baby with us.

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