Tenth & Eleventh Months

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Dear baby cub,

Sorry for the tardiness with the monthly update for your 10th month. We have to do a combined update for your 10th- and 11th-month as I only have some time to sit down and write during the Christmas long weekend (and also ‘cos I gave up an opportunity to nap while you nap!). Well, with you and I falling sick rather often for the past two months, our Italy trip without you and having to deal with the symptoms in first trimester, I would rather spend any pockets of time and energy I have with you than to blog. So I guess Mommy is excused!


You are still having some sorta infection at your bum area. We thought the episode you had in November was over and the skin at your bum area was recovering well. But it happened again! You have some diarrhea and the poop was too alkaline for your skin. It is puzzling because you are still on the same formula and we didn’t give you much solids as we do not want to give your little tummy additional pressure.

With the past experience on how to manage the affected area, the infection is not as bad as before but still causing you discomfort and pain. We had sent your poop for lab tests and all previously but the paed couldn’t find anything wrong from the results.

We really hope you can grow out of this soon. In the meantime, we step up potty training to minimize the risk of recurrence!

Next, the big nasty flu bug. Gosh, you had a cough out of nowhere that causes you to gag and throw up your milk! The cleaning up was exhausting! Poor you were so tired out a few times you didn’t mind sleeping in your puke. As if the throat infection wasn’t bad enough, the virus affected your eyes and caused your eyes to be sticky with discharge. Soon enough, Grandma, Mommy and Daddy caught your bug. With a lower immunity in my current state, I had the full symptoms as you did and am taking forever to get rid of this irritating cough. It’s hell irritating cos it seems that the two of us can’t stop coughing! This Christmas, all I really want is good health for you and all of us in the family.


You are becoming so much more fun as you become more interactive and playful.

Your Daddy and I can’t get enough of time spent with you. Your smiles and laughs are so infectious and bring so much happiness to me. I want to bottle up all these lovely moments!

You love playing ball and become so excited when we play with you.

I wonder where you learn how to do these funny expressions but they amuse me much so I’m not complaining!

Oh yes, congratulations on your upgrade to the trolley seat! You can finally sit in one and join us on our grocery trips. 😉


Picks things up with pincer grasp

You love using the pincer grasp to pick up little things you find on the floor..much to our horror!

Crawls well, with belly off the ground

You’re doing not too bad crawling. Because we tend to leave you in your playpen to play on your own, you don’t get much practice. According to your great-grandma, we need to let you crawl more! So yes, we will endeavour to do so and get more child-proof gates to cordon off areas in the house which you are not allowed to enter.

Indicates wants with gestures / Uses simple gestures

If you want to go somewhere, you would jerk your body and point in the direction you want us to bring you to. When you want Grandpa to carry you, you would point to Grandpa.

You know to clap when we tell you, “well done!” and would do your funny wave when we ask you to wave “bye-bye”.

Says “mama” or “dada” or any other one word

I still don’t hear any “mama”!

Stands alone for a couple of seconds

You would usually do this in the playpen. I guess it’s where you know you’re quite safe and more comfortable in. But we’re trying to be more encouraging when you attempt to do this out of the playpen.

Puts objects into a container

Although you do not know how to sort shapes into the shape-sorter-toy, you do know how to put them into the container. However, I’m quite sure you prefer taking them out to throw than to put them back in.

Understands “no” and simple instructions / Responds to simple verbal requests

You definitely understand “no” and sometimes push your luck by trying to do something you know we do not allow you to. You would do it cautiously and turn to wait for our response before giving us a cheeky grin. Very naughty, you!

You understand when I tell you “give” and you would pass me the item you are holding. When I tell you to lie down before I give you your milk, you would lie down too. You especially love to clap your hands and would be so excited whenever we ask you to “clap your hands” or “拍拍手”. SO VERY ADORABLE!


You usually do this in your playpen only because you do not have much opportunity to do it elsewhere since we hardly let you crawl around the place so far. That’s going to change!

Pays increasing attention to speech

You would listen to us adults speak and if we are talking about something funny and laughing about it, you would join in and laugh as if you understand what the joke was. Hilarious!

Bangs two cubes together

You would bang any two items you are holding in your hands against each other, or on the table or chair. The noise is rather annoying but oh wells, all part of your learning process!

Cries when you leave

Your separation anxiety is manageable as long as you see familiar faces around you. Sometimes you would cry when I leave for work but you stop soon enough with a distraction or two from your Grandparents.

Looks at correct picture when the image is named

Well, we haven’t tried on pictures and books. But when I say “where’s Dino?”, you would look around the ground for Dino and point to him when you see him.

Lets objects go voluntarily

This drives me nuts! You LOVE throwing things around. I know you are one mischievous fellow when you purposely reach out to the edge of the bed to let go of my iPhone.

Begins to use objects correctly

I’m pretty amazed that you understand to put the toy phone receiver to your ear after I showed you a few times because we do not have a proper telephone at home that you can see us using. In fact, all of us except your Great-Grandma uses our mobile phones for all calls!

I don’t brush your hair often because well, there isn’t that much to brush. Hence I was excited when you really tried to brush your hair when I casually passed you your brush and told you to brush your hair! Mommy is very proud of you, darling.

Pokes with index finger

You use your index finger very often these days – pointing to where you want to go, pointing to whom you want to be carried by.

When you want to touch my hot cup of tea, you would also only use just your index finger!

Uses exclamations such as “uh-oh!”

Your favourite exclamation has gotta be “ohh-ohh!” cos you use that for anything that excites you!

Extends arm or leg to help when being dressed

I put this as checked although in reality, you always do the opposite ‘cos you HATE to wear clothes. I gather that if you know how to do the opposite to get out of the clothes, you understand that extending your arms and legs would get you to wear the clothes. Ha!

By the way, not wanting to wear any top and bottom is WEIRD ok!

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