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November 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

My baby boy turns 10 months old today! No monthly log yet because we are still away from home (and missing our dear son badly!).

Thaddeus had a pretty rough time this month in terms of health. Teething usually causes him to develop some flu and cough. This time, it escalated to something more severe and he had to be nebulized because there was too much phlegm in his lungs. More on how to manage a baby who has to be nebulized in another post!

When he had more or less recovered, he had a bad nappy rash that was made worse when he started having diarrhea too. It was madness. We have no idea why the nappy rash because he hardly had any since he was born and my folks hardly use wet tissue on him. They change his diapers often and wash his bum when he poops.

We were as clueless as to what caused the diarrhea too. The extremely loose stools were very alkaline and ate into his skin. Poor baby had a few raw skin patches that were extremely painful to wash and apply cream to. The ordeal probably needs a post on its own, complete with description on how we had to care for the affected area and for the baby.

Needless to say, this situation made it very hard for me to leave Thaddeus behind and go for our holiday. Thank god for wonderful parents who reassured that they would take good care of Thaddeus and constantly update us on his progress.

It did help to alleviate much worry whenever they send us photos of Thaddeus having fun at home. I’m glad that they not only update us on the good progress but keep us aware when Thaddeus has fever too. They brought Thaddeus to the paed’s several times while we were away to make sure everything was well and updated us on whatever the paed said.

When we told them we could not get an earlier flight home, my mum told us to just enjoy ourselves since we are already here and they can look after Thaddeus. My dad even canceled his golf games so that he can monitor Thaddeus’ fever. So very touched and feeling the love! No wonder my baby boy sticks to his 公公 like superglue and gives both my mum and dad sayangs and kisses when he sees them coming back.

Can’t wait to go home in a couple of days to see my baby again!

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