Seventh Month

August 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear Thaddeus, you’re 7 months old! At last paed’s check on 22 August, you have crossed the two-digit mark – weighing at 10kg! You are my CHUBBS. 🙂

This month’s highlight would be how cheeky you are now! You give Grandma your cheeky look when she chides you for choosing Grandpa to carry you instead. You give your cheeky look when you are doing a poop job (in the hope that it covers up for you?). You give the cheeky look when Mommy looks at you and smile. Whatever the reason, you win over everyone with your cheeky smiles and wide only-two-teeth grins!

I feel immense Mommy pride whenever strangers who walk past us comment on how cute you are or get their other-halves to come look at you. Sometimes I wanna tell them, “yes please, go make one too!” According to your Grandma, sales staff walk to the front of their counters when they see you approaching so that they can play with you. One even told Grandma that she had been waiting for you to come over since she spotted you. Whee-ee-weet, I have a celebrity baby! I’m not too impressed with those who wants to pinch you cos they find you so chubby and cute though! That’s a privilege for the parents, thankyouverymuch.

Now that your neck is stronger, we let you sit in the regular baby chairs at restaurants.

So we do not have to bring your Stokke when we are just out for a meal! I just bring along the Ikea cushion, but it seems that you do not really need it now too.

Oh yes, you initiated contact with Dino! That made us so pleased. I hope you can grow up with our pet dog so that you will learn how to love and care for animals.

Daddy has been traveling often for work and doesn’t get to spend as much time with you than Mommy. Hence, he gets a little sensitive when you don’t smile as often to him.

However, I know you love him as much as you love Mommy because you clearly enjoy all the nap time, play time, bath time and diaper changing time with Daddy.

Milestones for this month:

Sits without support

You have learned to sit up yourself just about a week after I posted the last monthly log. YAY!

I left you in your cot, turned around to get something, and turned back to find you sitting up all by yourself. I was thrilled and so proud of you, baby!

We have lowered the cot and playpens in the house so that you can play safely.

Can tell that you like what you have access to now!

Drags objects towards himself

Yes, checked! Now that we leave you in the cot or playpen to play on your own more often, you keep yourself entertained by dragging your toys towards you.

You love to reach out to toys above you as well!

Lunges forward

Yep, you do! It’s very exhausting for the person carrying you whenever you do your extreme lunges. You are very curious about everything now, and would lunge forward whenever you hear or spot anything. Trying to keep you in our arms is a challenging task these days.

Starts crawling

You don’t exactly crawl but you are able to move from one point to another by creeping, rolling or squirming around on the bed, cot and playpens.

You figured out how to overcome the bolsters, pillows and duvets that I surround you with when I create a temporary playpen for you on my bed. I am proud of you, but aiya, I cannot leave you there on your own anymore!

Although you don’t crawl, you are able to walk! With the help of a walker or the exersaucer, of course. With the public holiday on National Day, your Grandpa fixed up the walkers in the house and you had your first try!

As expected, you only knew how to move in reverse direction in the beginning. However, it didn’t take you long to figure out how to move forward with your little feet! The next night, you were able to move forward towards your Grandpa when he called out to you! Good job, baby! 🙂

Jabbers or combined syllables

You are speaking baby language. Sometimes, a poster or toy catches your attention and you would start talking to it. So cute!

We are working hard to have you call “mommy” and “daddy” and the grandparents are trying to get you to call “gonggong” and “popo”. Show us the love, baby!

Stranger anxiety

You do seem to be doing better with familiar faces now. Well done, Thaddeus!

I am actually quite pleased with the level of stranger anxiety you have now. You smile to strangers and enjoy the interaction as long as you are in our arms. But when they carry you, you lean towards us soon enough to get us to take you back.

Waves goodbye

Hopefully you will get the hang of this soon! For now, we will help you wave goodbye when we go out or go back to our room. You are amused by how everyone waves back to you when we do that.

Stands while holding onto something

One thing’s for sure. You have always preferred to try standing up than to try crawling.

Today, one day after you turned 7 months old, you succeeded in doing it all by yourself!

Bangs objects together

Oh yes, you do! We suspect you like to do this especially during weekend mornings to wake us up when we try to sleep in. That’s quite smart, darling!

Begins to understand object permanence

I guess you more or less understand the concept of object permanence as you wait in anticipation for my next “boo!” when I play peek-a-boo with you. Sometimes, you already smile to yourself while waiting for the next “boo!”.

You are able to spot stuff that are partially hidden under pillows and the duvet as well. You will make a quick swipe for it especially for items like the remote control and iPhone.

Some other milestones:

Recognition of name and familiar sounds

You definitely recognize your own name as you respond and come towards us when we call out to you.

When I sing some of the songs you hear so often on ‘Dora the Explorer’ and ‘Ni Hao Kai Lan’, you will turn to look for the TV, as if looking out for the characters!

Likes to play

You are a cheeky playful baby for sure! I can wink and flash you a big smile, and you will be so pleased. You laugh out loud when I pretend to dance with you when I carry you. You are very generous with your giggles and gurgles. We get rewarded with all of your different smiles and laughs with any play we engage with you. I love all these moments with you!

Begins to respond to “No”

Sometimes when I say “No, Thaddeus”, you will show me an upset look. If the “No, Thaddeus” is accompanied with a smack on your butt, you will wail loudly in protest. We will need to look into our disciplinary measures.

Tracks moving objects

When we have your al fresco feeds at the balcony, you love to watch the moving cars go by. Most of the time, you get so engrossed with the moving cars, you don’t respond to us or your food!

Distinguishes Emotions by Tone of Voice

You know when I am angry with you because of my intonation and expression. Of course, you just wail in response instead of showing remorse for now. You get comforted whenever I sing to you to calm you down. I feel Mommy pride again whenever you calm down as I whisper into your ear and sing your favourite nursery songs to you.


It’s been such an amazing journey – experiencing something new every day with you. I love you so much so much, Thaddeus!

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