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August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Does it happen to you? When you go for a check up, you only realize you forgot to ask some questions after you left the clinic. I was like that especially during pregnancy and even now, after the baby is out. It could be the pregnesia (pregnancy amnesia) upgrading to momnesia (mommy amnesia). After all, a mommy (especially a first-timer!) has so much to take note of.

With Thaddeus not in the best of health in the early days and our frequent visits to the paed’s, I always make sure I note down all the symptoms and questions I have in mind so that the paed can have more information and give us a more accurate diagnosis. Babies can’t speak for themselves and the diagnosis will be mostly based on observations of the symptoms. Hence, it has become a habit for me to note down in my mobile phone whenever I notice something about Thaddeus that I want to check with the paed.

So yesterday, we went to the paed’s because Thaddeus has been a tad more fussy lately and I wanted to make sure he’s okay before the husb and I leave for a short trip. My mum went with me and was very amused that I kept throwing questions I had in my mobile phone at the paed. My paed is quite used to my style. He would answer me, “okay, number one is this this this.. and number two is this this this, etc.” Then we will make sure he has answered all the questions I have in my list before leaving the consultation room.

My mum thought the paed must be quite scared of parents like me. Ha! But the paed told me to ask him any questions I have right from the beginning! And my paed is known for being very lor-sor (long-winded). He will take time to answer all the questions that the parents have for him and give as much information as he can. I like.

What amused my mum next is the 4-page “handover” list I have for them to refer to while we are away. This is because we are only going to be away for essentially 2.5 days. Staying together means they do have a rough idea of Thaddeus’ habits, but they are not too clear on our routines for Thaddeus. I could just tell them what needs to be done but I don’t want them to be stressed over having to remember everything. Better for them to have something to refer to just in case we can’t be reached in time too!

Tomorrow we will demonstrate how we wash our baby stuff and the bedtime routine. 🙂

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