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July 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was one of those days that justifies my decision to be a SAHM.

The son was being very difficult. He woke up from his nap much earlier and screamed til I got him out of the sarong. Fine, I thought I could play with him to tire him out. But no, he did not like the squishes and snuggles, nor the flashcards with animated descriptions (from yours truly).

As luck would have it, we were out of bottles! So if the bugger wants his feed earlier by TWO hours, I may not have any ready. I was not going to feed him that early but I couldn’t tell when this tantrum will end. So I had to wash the bottles with him stuck to my hip because he can no longer fit into the Pupsik sling. It was a bad move. He was so fascinated with the sound of water and how all his milk bottles were laid out in the basin, he kept leaning towards the sink! I nearly broke my back trying to juggle him and the washing.

I tried bathing him but alas, his favourite bath did not work its magic either! What it did was to tire me out further. Sigh!

I was wet from bathing him, drenched in perspiration and at my wits end. With a resigned look and him in my arms, I sat on my bed wondering what else can be done. Imagine my relief when the door to my room was opened…and Matthias appeared! Thaddeus finally showed his smiles again when he saw Matthias-gorgor returned from school. My folks were back as well – more life saviours!

This got me thinking. If I had to return to work and have the son placed in infant care, with the levels of attention and tolerance required to look after this fellow, I think he most probably get smacked many times a day! So he better be thankful that I’m here for him 24/7!

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