Fifth Month

June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey baby boy, you’re 5 months old! It’s bitter sweet for Mommy here because you have reached some milestones and also gone fully formula-fed since you stepped into your 5th month.

We have been struggling in the breastfeeding department and I realized that all my struggles to make sure you nurse was really more for me than you. You were no longer enjoying it as much because you were not getting adequate intake and the flow ain’t quick enough for you either. I refused to let you go and you were crying your head off every time I tried to nurse you. Needless to say, I was as depressed as you were distressed. Finally, I decided to get over it and let you feed happily on formula when we passed the 4-months mark. Happy mom = Happy kid / Happy kid = Happy mom!

In happier news. You hit some milestones this past month!


The mums are right – once babies know how to flip, they don’t stop. Ever since you figured out how to flip from back to tummy and tummy to back, you jump at every opportunity to do that. Even during diaper change, which makes it quite challenging for us to clean you up!


Teething woes get us down quite a bit because of the discomfort you go through. You’re drooling like a tap left loose and your face becomes red from the irritation of your saliva. You look like a mess some days! Let’s just hope that it will not get worse when the rest of the teeth make their appearance because as it is, both you and I are getting pretty upset with the tantrums you throw. *crosses fingers*


I think you more or less recognize your name because you do respond when we call you. Well, most of the time. Not only have you recognize your name, you have started recognizing us!

We discovered this when you leaned with two hands stretched out towards Grandpa the moment you saw him coming to you. When Grandma tries to carry you, you turned away! However, you will lean towards Grandma when you’re being carried by Great-Grandma. Guess you know Great-Grandma cannot tahan carrying you for too long.

With this milestone, you do experience some anxiety when you are in unfamiliar grounds or don’t see familiar faces.


You are able to sit for less than a minute on your own before you start to sway and go back lying down. I have checked with the paed and he said babies usually can sit without support when they are at 7 months and for you, it’s a tad harder since you have more weight to manage. Heh! But no fret, son! We will continue trying.

Although you’re supposed to learn how to sit first, I find that you prefer standing up. When I pull you up from a lying down position, you sit up and push your legs against me to pull yourself up to stand! That’s quite a feat, my little one.’re not supposed to stand so much cos hearsay, it’s not good for your legs.


You are now getting very skilled at grasping. I think I lost more hair because of your constant tugs at my hair! You are able to grasp well and often put the things in your hands to your mouth, including my hands when I hold your little fingers.


It’s great that you know how to play with things now because that means I don’t have to be the one singing to you all day long during activity time. At this point, I salute all children entertainers and mothers who have no help at all. I sang til I lost my voice and was tired out soon having to be animated while singing. Your Royal Crankiness does not accept mediocre performance from his mother.

The exersaucer Aunty PF gave you is a wonderful entertainer. You can play with it for about 20 minutes on your own, and probably longer when we sit beside you and play together. It’s good because we don’t have to carry you while we play with you. That saves A LOT of energy.

I’m glad you quite like the flashcards I bought. They may be quite advanced in terms of level but pictures and colors should do you some good, right? It’s great when both Matthias and you get to revise and learn something from the flashcards!

Your all-time favourite would be your Matthias-gorgor, who’s always eager to entertain you. You both enjoying the company of each other = priceless!

You had a rather busy social life this past month too with full-month party, brunch, gatherings, outings with Grandparents, etc!

I’m amazed at the number of kids my friends have now. You probably feel as overwhelmed as I do, eh? It’s a good thing ‘cos that means you have friends to play with when you tag along with Mommy to meet friends.

You may have realized that Daddy is the one feeding you on Friday and Saturday nights, unless he’s not feeling well. Despite weekend being the only time your Daddy can rest from a week of work, he takes the night duty so that Mommy can rest. And even when you gave him a rough time, he makes it a point to bring you out every weekend so that you get to learn by watching the world go by in his arms.

It’s heartwarming to watch your Daddy falling deeper in love with you each day. Every now and then, he will tell you how much he loves you. It puts a big smile to my face and heart. Please be nice to Daddy during his night duty!

In the past week or so, you have become crankier and fussing a whole lot more than before. Thanks to Bev, I got to know about the iPhone app – The Wonder Weeks. With reference to it and a search on the internet, it seems that we are experiencing a developmental leap as you are displaying some of the signs indicated in the app.

Although I’m bummed that you have abandoned your 7-hour long stretch of sleep at night now, I’m telling myself this will pass. Thaddeus, do Mommy proud and show me you can do an even longer stretch of sleep when this is over, yes? 🙂

In case you don’t understand what I tell you 2892651 times a day, I’m writing it here – I LOVE YOU, MY BABY!! *MUACKS*

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