June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

We’ve been blessed with the best babysitters aka grandparents! Almost every other week, we would get an evening to ourselves. The husb and I would either catch a movie and/or dinner while my folks look after Thaddeus for us.

It’s an awesome arrangement because we get to have some of our life-before-baby back! To sweeten the deal further, my folks would update us with picture messages on what Thaddeus is up to while we were out.

I think we’ve caught 4 movies so far, ever since Thaddeus’ arrival! Not bad, I say. 🙂

Life felt almost normal again when we went on a movie date with The Gang last Saturday! We had met up for dinner to catch up on Friday night, and arranged to have brunch and watch movie the very next day. That sure made up for some lost time! It was almost like the good ol’ days, until we headed to Mothercare instead of Mphosis for a quick dose of shopping. Hee!

p.s. X-Men First Class was superb. I see Magneto in new light!

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