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On an ideal day, Thaddeus’ schedule goes something like this:

0800: Baby awakes and plays on his own while Mommy tries to sleep in for as long as he “allows”

0830: Mommy done with snoozing. Wash up, change and play with Baby for some mother-son bonding time!

0900: Playtime / Feeding with Great-Grandma, Grandma or Grandpa while Mommy has her breakfast

1030: zzZZZzz

1230: Feeding

1300: Playtime!

Sometimes, we read and do tummy time as well!

1400: zzZZZzz

1600: Bath

1630: Feeding

1700: Playtime with family coming home from work/school!

1830: zzZZZzz while the rest of the family have their dinner

2000: Feeding (small bottle)

2030: Project Keep-Baby-Awake-Til-Bedtime where everyone takes turn to entertain the tyke!


2200: We bring baby back to our room. Give baby a wipe down and change him into his PJs. Dim the lights. Turn down volumes of our voices and the TV.

1030: Put baby in his “bed”. Swaddle him and feed til zzZZZzzZZZzz.

We still wake up for one or two night feeds, depending on the siu-ye‘s (少爷) mood or hunger.

*Variations may happen when nap battles overrun, teething woes come by, just wanna be fussy, etc.

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