Third Month

April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

My dear baby boy, you turned 3 months old yesterday! How did time go by so quickly?!

You’re starting to show your fun side, which is most delightful. However, you’re not letting up on your velcro tendency much though. Oh wells, you do give us some time off now when you prefer to play while lying in your cot / playpen. Short durations but it’s a good start.

You had your second vaccination done. I was very worried that you may develop a fever and had your Daddy standby to take leave just in case I cannot manage. But you did well! In fact, we were pleasantly surprised at your rather good behavior during the weekend you had your vaccination. We shall not be complacent and hope for good reaction and behavior after your vaccination every time..please?

You may have realized by now I can’t get enough of smelling and kissing you (which may explain the little rash-like bumps on your face!). If only you know how much I love you! You’ll most probably give me an easier time eh. 😉

I’m so looking forward to spending more time with you!

You’ve been a lil’ lazy bum – not wanting to be on your tummy for playtime these days. Your toys do not attract your attention to do tummy time anymore. Or is that a signal to us you want new toys?

I worry that you are not getting enough practice to strengthen your neck further, especially since you should be learning to sit up soon. We need the neck support, sonny!

Your chubby arms mean that your mittens do not fit well anymore. I’m not keen to buy any because you don’t have to wear mittens at about this age. But you’ve been poking your eyes and scratching your face so much with your new found fingers (and fingernails)! These days, your face looks angry red with the pokes and scratches you give yourself.

You enjoy your bath times from both grandma and Daddy, but I think you especially love sessions with Daddy because you get to turn and have back rubs from us. You are so relaxed during bath times and become such a happy bub after bath. If only I can bathe you all the time, to keep you in that good mood!

Just so you know, your Mommy is not the only one pinching your chubby cheeks. We do that just to make sure we’re achieving our new KPI, i.e. feeding you well! 😉

You’re a very light sleeper. That, I’m very sure you got it from your Daddy. It’s a challenge getting you to sleep soundly at every nap, every day. It’s a vicious cycle ‘cos you don’t feed well when you don’t get enough zzZZz.

I’m still trying to get you to hug your pillow for comfort and assurance. No wonders worked yet, so I gotta work harder at being your source of comfort and assurance for now.

Given your nap habit, we were incredibly surprised when you actually dozed off to sleep in Daddy’s arms at a noisy restaurant. I’m 99.9% sure it’s a fluke, but do practise more!

You got us thinking that you may be teething (abit TOO early) with the constant shoving of your arms, our shoulders, hands into your mouth. We got that cleared up with the PD when we saw him for your follow-up.

Still, we thought a proper teething toy would help!

It makes me smile when I see how you make your Daddy fall deeper in love with you every day. He used to only see you crying most of the time cos by the time he comes from work, it’s your colic-crying time soon. Poor dude felt that it was him who’s causing you to cry! But now you reward him with more toothless grins and your uhh-ooh-ahhs.

Work trips became a lil’ tougher for your Daddy because it meant not seeing you for several nights!
But they became easier for me because I still have you to wake up to now. 🙂

Your Daddy and I are most thankful for the support from your grandparents. They’ll help with the feeding, clearing of poop and your crying marathon during colic-time. I’d probably have lost it and let you roll down the spiral staircase if it weren’t for them. KIDDING!!

With this, I can do anything! So happy and healthy always!

P.S. Mommy loves the pout nonetheless.

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