1st day on my own

February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

28 Feb, Dreaded Day for me. The husb returned to work today, after taking a month of leave to help look after Thaddeus and I. It seems like the husb and everyone else had returned to a life of normalcy except me.

We made plans and hope they work!

Night duty

I would be feeding and napping with T from the night before until about 4am when the husb would take over for a feed or two before leaving for work around 7am. If time permits, he would have all the bottles prepared for me.

The arrangement went quite well this morning. Just that I am very groggy when I wake up from my deep sleep stage at that hour, so it takes awhile to get things going.

Morning duty

What I have in mind is to take the E.A.S.Y (Eat, Activity, Sleep, You-time) way out. 🙂

T did try to cooperate most of the time. How my first day went:

7ish: Fed him and we both went back to sleep because I was still very sleepy!

9ish: E – fed him. A – I “taught” him the sound of clapping with the applause from the telecast of Oscars on TV. S – he fell asleep soon after. Y – pump, pump, pump!

11ish: E – fed him. A – wiped T clean. Bath would have to wait til husb is back cos I don’t have the strength to hold and clean him. S – he fell asleep with some cuddling. Y – Started on my chye-tow-kweh for breakfast. Spoke too soon when I messaged the husb to tell him I have time to eat ‘cos the next moment, I was called for duty by T. He wanted more cuddling.

1ish: E – fed him. A – T was fussy and wanted to be carried. So I pranced around with him in my arms as if we were dancing together. S – he fell asleep probably because I made him dizzy with the prancing. Ha! Y – back to my chye-tow-kweh and then time to wash and sterilize bottles!

3pm: Only just realized by this time that I had not peed and washed up myself. Oops.

4pm: E – fed T after he got a good 1-hour nap. A – didn’t do much except trying to get him to nap again. S – had him sleeping on my tummy. Y – cuddled my son as I finally got my sesh of nap!

6pm: Husb is back! My parents are back too! HURRAYYY! Grandparents helped to bathe T and the husb fed him after. Bliss. 😀

7ish: I have my lunch-cum-dinner!

8ish: Husb and I took turns for shower time. T was very fussy during this period and got his Daddy feeling very helpless.

9ish: Husb goes to bed so that he can wake up later at about 4am, while I continue my duty.

Now, let’s see if day 2 goes well…

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