14 Feb 2011

February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

It seems like only yesterday when my gynae confirmed my pregnancy and informed that the EDD was 14 Feb 2011, thus making this date so very special to me. Fast forward to this day, we got to spend it with Thaddeus, who is out of my tummy for more than 2 weeks now! 🙂

The husb and I didn’t get to celebrate this Valentine’s because of our little darling. Our baby supplies were running low and we headed out to NTUC with Thaddeus for a quick round up of stuff. In the afternoon, we visited the PD because little one is not feeling very well. He’s been having much difficulties burping and spews wee bit of milk at times. The cries he makes because of the discomfort is very distressing. Poor baby! Hope he feels better soon.

On this day of Love, I’m just thankful that I have my dearest loves – husband and son by my side.

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