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February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

*post written end of 2nd trimester but was not allowed for public viewing because the husb wanted to keep the name a secret until baby is out*

Before the gender was made known to us, we agreed that the baby’s name will start with “T” to go with the husb’s last name which begins with “T” as well. That will cut down the lists of names we have to go through too. 😉

After going through websites to shortlist names, we realized our list has mostly girls names and I liked one so much I decided that it shall be the name if M&M is a girl! My thoughts then? “This was easy!”

Then came the scan which revealed the gender of M&M to be a boy. Although that means we had to go through the websites again for more names, we are still pleased with having a boy.

But after more than a week, I still couldn’t find that many boys’ names that begin with “T” which are to the liking of both myself and the husb. We contemplated other names that do not start with “T’ but I just didn’t like this idea that much and there are seriously too many to sieve out from.

So it was back to the list of T-names. I asked the husb to let me know what meaning he would like the baby’s name to have. He wanted something that means intelligent. For me, I wanted qualities such as chivalry and gentlemanly behaviour. That is one quality I’ve always liked in the husb and I hope his son has it too. 🙂

And whaddya know..suddenly, this name STOOD OUT!

Click here to hear how the name sounds!

The name Thaddeus is a baby boy name. The name Thaddeus comes from the Hebrew origin.
In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Thaddeus is: Valiant; Wise.

source: babyhold

The name Thaddeus is a baby boy name. The name Thaddeus comes from the Greek origin.
In Greek, the meaning of the name Thaddeus is: One who has courage.

source: babyhold

Thaddeus is a Hebrew boy name. The meaning of the name is `Courageous Heart`.
Alternative meanings (Old English) Courageous Heart

source: i-am-pregnant

The boy’s name Thaddeus \th(ad)-deus\ is pronounced THAD-ee-us.
It is of Aramaic origin, and the meaning of Thaddeus is “heart”.
Also possibly derives from Theodorus, meaning “God’s gift”.

source: thinkbabynames

The meaning of the name Thaddeus is Praise
The origin of the name Thaddeus is Greek

source: babynamescountry

Male Meaning: Praise.
Origin: Aramaic

Male Meaning: That praises or confesses
Origin: Biblical

Male Meaning: Thaddeus was one of the 12 apostles described in the New Testament of the Bible.
Origin: Greek

Male Meaning: Valiant; Wise.
Origin: Hebrew

source: mybabyname

Now, both Daddy and Mommy are pleased!

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