My birth story

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Having selected c-section, my birth story is a rather straightforward one since we knew exactly when the baby will be arriving and how long the procedure will take. The surgery was scheduled to be at 12 noon on 27 January 2011.

After watching so many episodes of “A Birth Story” on Discovery, here’s mine:

Good news came in early on this day! Yvonne smsed that she was in labour at Mount Alvernia and asked what time I would be there. What exciting news – our babies are going to be born on the same day! That provided me some distraction from the jitters.

We reached Mount Alvernia at about 9ish and got the administrative bit done. Proceeded to a ward where a nurse came by to get the pre-surgery work done. After this was done, we were told to wait there and get changed nearer to surgery time.

Felt emotional as I started to miss my pregnant self and got the husb to take my last picture with M&M inside my tummy.

At about 11.15pm, the nurses came to fetch us. The husb was brought to change while I was sent to the operating theatre. Operating theatres are such freezing cold rooms! I was moved to a bed with warmer although that did not quite alleviate my jitters.

The anesthetist came in, introduced himself and informed that he will be doing the IV drip for me and administer the epidural after. Because my veins are rather fine and not very visible, I was told to inhale some laughing gas so that it’ll expand the veins and make them more visible. Then he inserted an IV drip into my left hand. This was such a pain, literally! It still hurt like mad days after I returned home.

Next was the epidural. I was concerned about this because of my S-curve back. The nurse told to curl up like a shrimp but I couldn’t achieve the curve she wanted because hello, I was still pregnant?! Thankfully, the anesthetist told the nurse that this was the best I could do given the condition of my back. He couldn’t resist telling me that my curved back was indeed a challenge!

The anesthetist was quite good, I must say. The husb was not brought into the OT yet, hence I was a huge bag of nerves. He was reassuring and did a pretty swift job with the epidural cos he could tell that I was very, very tense. He makes it a point to explain what he was going to do and what I should expect to feel and would ask how I was doing every now and then.

After the epidural took effect, the nurse inserted a catheter into the bladder to drain the urine during the surgery. It was only removed a day after the surgery when I could get off the bed.

My gynae came in soon after all these were done and I felt more nervous knowing that The Moment will be coming soon. A screen made up of green surgical cloth was placed in front of me. I have no idea what he did but I knew my gynae tested if the epidural had taken effect when he did something to my tummy (I felt some pressure) and asked if I felt any pain.

The husb entered the OT finally and was seated next to me. His presence definitely brought much comfort. The procedure started about 12noon. It was just like what I had read about. I felt pressure at the lower abdomen area but no pain at all. There was definitely some discomfort with the tugging and I was tearing because I felt scared. Can’t imagine how I can cope with natural birth without the prior mental preparedness! The husb held my hand and kept on encouraging me. I closed my eyes and thought of the 3D scan pic we have of M&M, and told myself to focus on the arrival of our son.

The anesthetist was roped in to push the baby out. He stood around where my head was and gave two hard pushes from my tummy. There was much pressure but I could feel a great sense of relief as the baby came out! I felt I could breathe normally again. At 12.10pm, our son, Thaddeus, arrived!

Can’t quite believe that it really took only about 10 minutes to deliver our baby. The rest of the time was spent removing the placenta, stitching me up, etc. The entire surgery was almost exactly as what I had read!

What we didn’t expect was that our son was already not feeling quite well at this time because of some water he took in during the delivery and developed wet lungs. 🙁 More on that in another post.

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