36 weeks 7 days

January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Oh mannn..I thought I may have escaped the worst of stretch marks – possibly no stretch marks until post-birth. But something lagi jialut appeared – VARICOSE VEINS!! Bruised-looking varicose veins which were concentrated at the hip area have spread to my lower belly. 🙁 My poor belly not only feels pained, but looks very pained as well now.

M&M seems to be heading south more these days. The downward pressure is causing sharp aches when I stand up and when I walk. The husb was telling me, “I dunno how you can tahan if you’ve to carry til 40 weeks.” I shudder to imagine too. Something as simple as wearing undies or getting in/out of the car requires so much effort because of the pain every time I raise either of my foot a lil’. Respect to all you mums who carried your babies til 40 or more weeks!

In other preparation news, laundry for baby’s layette is being done in batches now. My mum is helping us with that and we’ll sun them at our balcony where we get the morning sun and pack them into M&M’s wardrobe. Funny how doing something as trivial as this can make us so happy.

My hospital bag is still not packed yet! I had ordered some nursing wear and suitable PJs from USA but the shipment is taking ages to reach vpostUSA. Ugh! Don’t think they can reach me in time, which means I have to look for some alternatives. But then again, I don’t even know if I’ll have the supply… :\

With the arrival of our baby happening very soon, the husb suggested that we catch some movies and eat all the food that I won’t be able to have during confinement. Ha! Poor husb will have to limp around with his injured knee on our dates then.

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