week 35

January 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been having much bitter-sweet moments these days. On one hand, I look forward to the impending arrival of our first kid but on the other, I’m already missing these moments of him inside my tummy! The kicks, elbow nudges, hiccups and thumpings on my organs, etc are extremely endearing experiences. Although I must add, they are getting painful now that there’s not much space inside.

It’s only during pregnancy when women can feel proud of expanding waistlines because that means baby is growing! At week 35, my tummy has expanded to 41″.The skin feels as if it’s pulled from the back and would tear if I stretch any further.

The pelvic area, knees and ankles joints are definitely feeling the strain with the growing tummy. Because of the aches in the pelvic area, I have difficulties sitting down especially after walking around for some time and I’d wince in pain even during sleep when I turn to lie on my left or right. According to the husb, I make so much noises even when I sleep due to the pain, he’d wake up because he thought something happened to me! Can’t help since that’s out of my control and he’s a light sleeper.

With the added pressure to the bladder, I have to visit the toilet at least every 4-hourly throughout the night as well. Well, I guess that’s the “best” I can do as a heavy sleeper. It’s good training for what’s to come anyway!

My fingers and toes are starting to swell for longer hours now as well. Thankfully, I have started on my maternity leave so I do not have to squeeze my feet into covered-toes shoes for work. I’m kinda bummed that I can’t wear my wedding ring though!

Varicose veins have made their appearance for a couple of weeks now. They are mostly around my hip area and are very dark in color. They look like badly bruised veins and actually hurt like bruises too when I rub them.

I may have experienced some Braxton Hicks contractions as well. I feel my tummy tightening every now and then, especially when I lie down in bed or when I try turning to my left and right. Sometimes, when I stretch my calves to avoid cramps, my tummy cramp up instead. Sigh!

All gripes aside, I’m enjoying the moments of my baby moving inside of me. He’s been moving much more often and for longer hours. Some days, I wonder if he gets any rest with the constant movements! I’ve been trying to record the movements but every time I whip out my camera, he stops. Cheeky fella!

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