fruitful weekend: part two

December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

First lesson of prenatal class. We had second thoughts on going for the prenatal class because we were still very tired out from the day before. However, full payment had been made and the location of class was really near to our place so we don’t have that much an excuse.

Lesson 1: Physical & Mental Preparation

  • Antenatal Exercise
  • Nutrition Before & After Delivery
  • Myths & Traditions
  • Coping with Pregnancy Discomfort
  • Back Care & Postures
  • Instructional Video
  • Q&A

We went ahead to join the class and I’m glad we did!

Mrs Wong Boh Boi came highly recommended by friends and we could see why soon enough. She is very experienced and knowledgeable! Initially, I thought she looked rather stern but she turns out to be a humorous lady who can’t wait to share her knowledge to new mums like us.

Most of the other pregnant mums-to-be are in their first or second trimester. The husbands who came along dutifully made sure their wives are comfortable by positioning pillows on their legs to provide support as soon as they sat down. My husb was very impressed!

Mrs Wong modified some exercises to make them suitable for pregnant women. I like how considerate the exercises are cos some have post-birth figure in mind. We need to make sure our boobs don’t sag too much after breastfeeding too! Many of the exercises are what the husb’s gym trainer taught him and that made it easier for him to remember for me. Heh, I knew I’d forget how to do some of the exercises as soon as I get home.

Then there are the massages she taught the dads-to-be! Pregnant mums could really do more with massages. Every day is such a strain on our bodies. And it’s a great way for the couple to bond too.

Now the fun bit. Mrs Wong taught us how to communicate with baby – how to touch your tummy and get response from baby, how to find out if baby is in a good mood to play with you, how to teach baby what is light, etc. It’s amazing! Knowing how M&M tends to quieten down when the husb places his hand on my tummy, I was very surprised to see how my tummy moved intensely after the husb tried the new methods of touching!

Mrs Wong also taught the dads how they can speak to baby. It’s very important to speak proper languages instead of the googoo-gaga, even at this stage. This is so that the babies will be able to understand what we say when they are out. She highlighted a very important point as well. For families with helpers, there’s no point in expecting your helper to speak proper English to your kid when it’s not their native language to begin with. Instead, the helpers can speak their native language when communicating with your kid. Who knows, kid may grow up to be very good with languages!

Matt has been learning Chinese songs for kids these days and I get invited to sing along too! Hope that helps M&M to pick up some Chinese now. 🙂

Lastly, some mythbusters! Mrs Wong shared very logical reasonings behind her mythbusters. We’re very glad that I’ll be able to bathe and wash my hair as long as I keep myself dry and blow-dry my hair soon after. My husb and son will not have to deal with a smelly wife and mom. Thankgod!

Looking forward to Lesson 2 now.

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