celebration for November babies

November 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

The entire gang met up for our November babies’ birthday celebration two Fridays ago! It’s been awhile since we had full strength in attendance. Awesome to see everyone again!

Dinner at Bali Thai ended off with cakes. LOTS of cakes! WJ+J made their signature Tiramisu for the husb because it’s his favourite type of cake. The rest of the gang had bought a mango cake to celebrate for the November babies. Thankfully they did, so the preggers amidst us could take the non-alcoholic cake. Then there were extra slices of carrot cake from Marmalade Pantry that the husb had bought for his celebration in the office earlier in the afternoon. I was real glad my gestational diabetes test was not on the next day!

Next, to Pan Pacific for drinks and more catching up. Maybe we should consider doing the catching up at each others’ place instead so that we don’t have to worry about closing hours and lack of variety in the beverage menu. 😉

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