week 25

November 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

The past week has been busy, busy, busy! Because it was a short week and I am going to be on leave this coming week, I was in a mad rush to clear as much work as possible.

M&M has been most understanding and didn’t give me too many interrupted nights. 🙂 Or maybe I was simply too tired out every night. His movements are getting more and more obvious and it always brings a smile to my face seeing how the husb reacts to these movements.

The hormones on the other hand, seemed to be causing me to be more emotional recently. My tears fall so easily! I watch baby programmes on Discovery, I cry. I think of the husb being away on a trip, I cry. Some times, I just think about certain matters and tears would well up in my eyes. Oh mannn!

Time flies. I’m almost reaching the end of my second trimester! That also means that my pregnancy-honeymoon period will soon be over. The backaches are getting more intense, and will most probably worsen further during the third trimester. Besides the back, my calves and ankles are starting to ache more severely especially when I do more walking than usual. By that, I mean making more trips to the printer to collect printouts. Yes, that too makes my feet ache badly. :\

Thankfully, I still have some decent energy levels now which helps me cope with these aches and pains too. We hope to put these energy to good use by getting the stuff we’ll need for M&M asap because we never know when the energy level is going to dip to all-time low!

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