week 24

October 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

In case you haven’t heard of the teaser yet, something big has taken place during week 24!

Apparently, M&M is much more excited that his folks though. I was getting so many nudges and kicks it was hard to concentrate on the entire process. Nevertheless, I’m taking this as a sign that M&M is all for our decision too! It’s very heartening especially since the decision is made mainly because of M&M as well. 🙂 More details on that in a separate post.

This week, I fell sick. Okay, I know I had not been feeling well in some of the weeks of pregnancy due to the symptoms, but this time is different. It’s the normal non-pregnancy works – cough and blocked nose. I have no idea how I got it because everyone else around me is fine. Tried to avoid taking medication but the throat and cough wouldn’t let up and caused me to puke several times.

I had a gathering on Saturday which I didn’t want to miss, so I went to the GP on Wednesday and rested at home for two days taking medication and lots of water. I was also quite worried about how M&M is coping with me being sick because his movements became less frequent during the two days and my entire tummy and back muscles were aching badly from the coughing. Other than that, I’m still managing my eczema and trying very hard to keep it under control. Really looking forward to a full recovery soon!

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