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September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

You know someone up there looks out for you when you get reminders to be thankful.

I felt lousy yesterday morning. Reached office early and for some reason, I decided to IM a schoolmate whom I hardly see online but was on my list early too. We chatted about random stuff which eventually got to the topic of family planning. I told her I am having a boy and the pregnancy is giving me quite a hard time. What I totally didn’t expect next was her sharing with me. After all, we haven’t seen or spoke to each other for ages!

She told me she was carrying a boy too but had to terminate the pregnancy at 5 months because of insufficient amniotic fluid. There was no apparent cause of it. Her EDD would have been this month. I felt terrible when I read that on my screen and felt like such an ass for being such a loser about my symptoms. It was a relief to know that she has hence recovered well and feels much better after returning to work.

This was a reminder to me! Nobody said pregnancy is going to be a breeze although some lucky mums-to-be do have it easier. I probably have all possible symptoms (or so they seem!) and they are pretty challenging but they will soon pass (I hope!). Most importantly, I gotta keep M&M safe and healthy as long as it’s within my means.

Nausea and puking were terrible but they were signs that the baby is growing. Give thanks!

Severe aches in many parts of my body is normal especially since I have scoliosis. My physiotherapist is back from her leave and we can start on physiotherapy soon. Hopefully that will provide some relief. Give thanks!

My gynae has been great so far! He’s been very empathizing about all my symptoms and did his best to find me a dermatologist I can consult on the very same day I saw him so that I can have answers and get some relief from suitable medication as soon as possible. His clinic assistants are very nice and helpful all the time. Give thanks!

Saw the dermatologist yesterday. After looking at the affected areas, she determines that these are not pregnancy-eczema. It’s something viral and could be something I ate or touched, which is basically anything. Besides, my triggers may change during pregnancy too. Good news is that the eczema is not contagious and does not affect the baby. Give thanks!

I’ve been given some oral medicine (drowsy for the night, non-drowsy for the day) and a new ointment. Took one dose of drowsy last night and applied medication before sleep. Think the itch from the eczema is really quite formidable. It still managed to wake me up once during sleep. But luckily only once, as compared to a few times a night for the past few days! Give thanks!

The husb has been as supportive as ever and checking on me every now and then, even when he’s busy at work. Couldn’t have last this long without him. Give thanks!

Friends (including all of you in blogspace) have been very encouraging and ever so willing to share helpful tips and positive vibes. You have no idea how thankful I am for these, people! Thank you… 🙂

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