week 16

September 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ah, I just realised I didn’t update much about week 15 other than knowing the gender of M&M. We are stepping into week 17 tomorrow. That means almost two weeks have passed without proper updates on the pregnancy. Either my gripes have lessened significantly or simply, I have no time to gather my thoughts and emotions for the past two weeks about the pregnancy.

It seems that I have managed to pull through the mad puking season. Woohoo! What’s left is the occasional gagging when I brush my teeth which is 小儿科 (“small case”) as compared to those hurling episodes I had went through. The usual symptoms of constipation are more or less under control too. An ex-colleague had recommended Yakult and it works every now and then. Nasal congestion is a daily thing nowadays and blood can be found in the mucus and booger as well. This is one of the pregnancy symptoms so I see it as part and parcel of the whole process. Since it does not cause pain, I guess there’s no need for concern.

The backackes are terrible though. Sometimes I feel that the only thing keeping my body from falling apart is my skin. The husb gives me back massages every night but it hurts badly even though he hardly exerts much pressure. I will most probably have to go to a professional massage place to see if it makes a difference.

I had my first cramp at the leg calf a couple of days ago. It happened as I stretched myself when waking up from sleep. Gawwwd, it was painful! I couldn’t put much weight on that leg after the husb massaged it. Thankfully, it recovered soon enough for me to leave for work.

Trying to last at work (about 815am – 630pm on good days!) leaves me incredibly exhausted every day. I feel too tired to eat by the time I reach home and just have a little something for the sake of putting food in. I may feel hungry again before bedtime but I just leave the hunger alone because I’m simply too tired. If this is how lasting my energy level is going to be in second trimester, I think I’m in for a hard time in my third trimester. 😐

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