tough weekend

July 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Alright, M&’s been a tough weekend for us.

I got hungry around 4ish in the early morning of Saturday. Guess that was because I had dinner early and went to bed early too. Had to munch on some lemon puffs before going back to sleep. But before I could fall asleep, you decided that you didn’t quite like lemon puff biscuits after all and had me hurl them all out.

I had to push my luck when we went out for dinner with The Gang. My apologies to cramp my already very bloated tummy with Korean barbecue food on Saturday night. I missed having Korean barbecue and couldn’t resist having a glass of Coke. oops, sorry!

Sunday morning, I amazed myself once again that I could puke bile out with the amount of chicken bulgogi I had the night before. Throughout the day, I had intermittent tummy aches and diarrhea. I probably deserve it for not taking good care of what I am putting into my body. Please go easy on me because the cravings are hard to satisfy too. Sigh!

Pregnancy is one tough process. The body is constantly feeling tired and achy. In my case, there are also the bad back, the bloated and constipated tummy, and hunger pangs with weird cravings to deal with. How do you new mums deal with it?!

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