Nearing the end of week 7

July 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

The strong hunger pangs seem to have subsided. Now the appetite is hard to grasp. The tummy feels uncomfortable most of the time. I have no idea if it’s hungry, bloated, constipated or whatever. Sometimes the tummy churns, sometimes it feels sore, sometimes there’s a little pain. It’s a challenge trying to find out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

The queasiness has been around and I pray for it to go easy on me. For one, it is very hard to cover up in the office. Then the process of hurling makes the tummy feel even worse. So far, it has never gone all the way til today. I woke up and puked bile. It’s crazy. Considering the amount of food I put into me these days, or the night before, I don’t understand why only bile came out.The taste is awful! However, I did feel somewhat better after the hurling.

Also, I feel weak, sick and achy all over. The husb is trying his best to accommodate to my every request. I really don’t like how this is going. I mean, if I’m him, I’d be quite frustrated with me. I don’t want to take the pregnancy as a reason to make him do everything for me. If only we can swop roles. I’m sure he can cope with this so much better than me. SIGH!

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