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February 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

When I was young, I’ve always thought of marrying a man much older than me – those 成熟稳重 type. But really, how many of us have all our dreams come true? Nonetheless, I found myself a husband who has the mentality of a traditional old man. Close enough eh! Ha!

He’s not the romantic-dreamy kind who will sweep you off your feet with beautiful words and romantic gestures. But he does try his best.

The first day of Lunar New Year was on Valentine’s Day this year. We were kept busy with work and social commitments, not to mention the spring-cleaning that was to be done before Lunar New Year. Hence, we didn’t even talk about wanting to do anything about Valentine’s Day this year. Not that we do something fanciful every year, but we usually go for a date in the name of Valentine’s.

So this year, I was under the impression that we’ll pass V-Day for CNY (which would be my choice of celebration too) until an email notification popped up in my Berry on the eve of CNY Eve.

My dearest wifey,

You might have realised that Valentine’s day is drawing near and it falls on the first day of CNY so getting a present is a tricky task – being the traditional old man, I would very much like to give you a surprise gift but at the same time stay as practical as possible (in terms of your liking).

I have started my research project 2 weeks ago and many gifts have come to my mind. However, I cannot decide which one would you like the most, so here comes the Practical Romantic (unromantic) selection for your choice:

1. blue ball watch – the one you saw at DFS (ah, the perils of working in town)
2. crown watch with mother of pearl face
3. red Chanel bag (which he overheard when I was telling PF about it)
4. Loewe bag (which I’ve been searching for a couple of months)
5. additional pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes to pair with your CNY clothes
6. anything of your choice.

Please let me know later on so that we can go and shop around. Pardon me for being not so romantic….

Loving you,

I couldn’t stop smiling to myself in the office after I received the email. 🙂 The email itself was the best V-day’s gift ever! The choice, whatever it may be, is just the bonus!

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