a resolution for the weekends

January 31, 2010 in Uncategorized
Less tweeting and facebook-ing on the mobile.

I am guilty of holding the Berry in my hand, or having it within reach most of the time – either replying to emails/tweets/smses or waiting for responses through emails/tweets/smses. Even on weekends.

For the husb who is not on Twitter and hardly updates his FB, he finds it quite annoying that I get very distracted with the Berry every now and then. To me, he just didn’t get where the fun is! heh.

Lately, I realised that we do not get to spend much (quality) time on weekdays because of work commitments or simply because we are too tired to entertain each other. Weekends spent with each other become so much more precious. So, I’ve decided that I will not keep fiddling with tweets or status updates on my Berry while I’m spending time with the husb or family.

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