About : Missus

Hello, I am Candice. Welcome to this personal journal of mine! I started blogging in 2003/2004. This journal has documented the journey from my pak-tor days (mostly under locked entries now) to

becoming Missus Tay in 2006,

becoming Mommy of Thaddeus in 2011,

and becoming Mommy of Teanne* in 2012.

*Teanne is pronounced just like Leanne but with a T instead. It means graceful.

I write mostly about my kids now because my life is pretty much all about them. I try my best to be positive and that’s probably why you don’t see many negative entries for public view. Please do not assume my life’s a bed of roses just because you don’t get to see the thorns. Misery may love company but I much rather remember the good and blessings in life!

As the husband has requested for more privacy (this comes with age), more personal posts will be locked up for friends only.

Through blogging, I have made many wonderful friends over the years. So please do drop me a note to say “Hi” if you enjoy reading my blog. It’d be lovely to know more friends!

Edited on 30 November 2014

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